Acts Chapter 8

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Dem Show Di Church Pepper

1. Saul wey dey for there agree sey make dem kill Stephen. Dat day, dem start to dey show di church for Jerusalem—serious pepper. Apart from di apostles, everi-pesin scata round Judea and Samaria.

2. So some good men go bury Stephen, and dem cry for am well-well.

3. So Saul start to dey scata di church. He waka from house to house—dey drag men and women go prison. Philip Enta Samaria

4. Those pipo wey run komot—preach Baba-God word everi-where dem go.

5. Philip enta one city for Samaria, and he con dey tok about Christ for there.

6. Wen plenty-pipo hear wetin he tok, con see di miracles wey he do, dem listen to wetin he dey tok well-well.

7. Evil spirit dey shout wit loud noise as dem dey komot from many pipo body, and plenty pipo wey paralyze, and cripple—con heal.

8. So dem happy well-well for dat city.

Simon Di Evil Jazzman

9. E get one time, wey one man wey dem dey call Simon—dey do otumokpor wit evil pawa for di city, and he dey make everi-pesin for Samaria surprise well-well. He dey make- mouth sey he be strong man.

10. Everi-pesin, both big and small dey look am, con dey tok sey, “Dis man get ogbonge pawa of Baba-God.”

11. Dem dey follow am becos he don tey wey he dey surprise dem wit hin otumokpor.

12. Dem believe Philip wen he preach di good news about Baba-God kingdom, plus Jesus Christ name. Both men and women con baptize.

13. Simon sef believe and dem baptize am. So he con dey follow Philip everi-where and di ogbonge signs and miracle wey he see—make am surprise.

14. Wen di disciples for Jerusalem hear sey Samaria don accept di word of God, dem send Peter plus John go meet dem.

15. Wen Peter and John reach there, dem pray for di pipo of Samaria, so dat dem go receive di Holy Spirit,

16. becos di Holy Spirit neva dey wit dem; dem only just baptize dem in di name of Oga Jesus.

17. Peter plus John con lay hand on dem, and di pipo of Samaria receive di Holy Spirit.

18. Wen Simon see sey pipo dey receive di Spirit as dem dey lay hand on dem, he give Peter and John moni,

19. con tok sey, “Make una give me dis pawa, so dat any- pesin wey I lay my hand on go receive di Holy Spirit.”

20. So Peter ansa am: “Make you and your moni go die, becos you tink sey you fit buy Baba-God gift wit moni!

21. You no get any part or share for dis ministry, becos your heart no dey right for Baba-God face.

22. Change from dis wickedness, and pray to Baba-God. Maybe he fit forgive you as you dey reason dat kain tin for your heart.

23. I see sey bad-mind don poison you, and sin don tie you down.”

24. Simon con ansa am, “Epp me pray to Baba-God, so dat all dis tins wey you tok no go happun to me.”

25. Wen dem don tok Baba-God word finish, Peter plus John go back to Jerusalem, con dey preach di good news for plenty Samaritan villages.

Philip And Di Ethopian

26. Now, Baba-God angel con tell Philip sey, “Go south, to di desert road—from Jerusalem to Gaza.”

27. Naso he start to dey go, he meet one Ethiopian eunuch for road— na officer wey get level—nahin be di treasurer of Candace—di queen of Ethopians. Dis man go Jerusalem go worship,

28. and as he dey go back to house, he sidon for hin horse- moto—dey read di book of Isaiah di prophet.

29. Di Spirit con tell Philip sey, “Go dat horse-moto make you stay near am.”

30. Naso Philip run go di horse-moto, con hear di man dey read Isaiah di prophet. Philip ask am sey, “You understand wetin you dey read so?”

31. So he ansa Philip, “How I go understand, wen I no see pesin to explain am to me?” So he invite Philip to sidon wit am.

32. Di eunuch dey read dis place for di Holy-books: “Dem carry am like sheep wey dem wan go kill, and as lamb take dey keep quiet wen dem dey remove di wool from e body, naso he no gree tok anytin.

33. Dem treat am in a bad way, dem no gree give am justice. Who fit tok about hin pikin-pikin- pikin? Dem komot hin life from di earth.”

34. Di eunuch con ask Philip, “Abeg tell me, who di prophet dey tok about, na hinsef abi na anoda pesin?”

35. Naso Philip start wit dat place from di Holy-books.He tell am di good news about Jesus.

36. As dem dey travel dey go for road, dem reach one water side, di eunuch* con tok sey, “See water for here, wetin go make me no baptize?”

37. Philip ansa am, “If you believewit your full heart—you fit baptize.”Di eunuch ansa am sey, “I believe sey Jesus Christ na di son of God.”

38. Philip sey make dem stop di horse-moto. Naso Philip and di eunuch waka enta di water, Philip con baptize am.

39. Wen dem come outside from di water, Baba-God Spirit just carry Philip komot, and di eunuch no see am again, he con dey happy dey go hin way.

40. Naso Philip show-face for Azotus, he con dey travel upandan—dey preach di good news for all di town until he reach Caesarea.


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