Acts Chapter 9

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As Saul Take Meet Christ

1. Now, Saul still dey threaten to kill Jesus
disciples. He go meet di high priest.

2. He con ask di high priest for letters to di worship-place for Damascus, so dat if he see any- pesin for there wey belong to di way of Jesus, whether man or woman, he go carry dem as prisoner go Jerusalem.

3. As Saul con dey reach Damascus, one light from heaven flash for where he dey.

4. He fall for ground, and he hear one voice wey tok sey, “Saul, Saul, why you dey show me pepper?”

5. So Saul ask am, “Who you be Oga?” And di voice ansa, “Na me be Jesus wey you dey show pepper.”

6. “Now stand up, make you enta di city, and dem go tell you wetin you must do.”

7. Di men wey dey follow Saul travel—stand for there, dem no fit tok anytin, dem hear di voice but dem no see any-pesin.

8. Saul stand up from ground, but wen he open hin eyes, he no fit see anytin. So dem hold hin hand enta Damascus.

9. Saul blind for three days, and he no chop or drink anytin.

10. For Damascus, e get one disciple wey dem dey call Ananias. Baba-God call am for vision sey, “Ananias!” He ansa, “Yes Oga.”

11. Baba-God con tell am sey, “Go Judas house for Straight Street—ask for one man from Tarsus, wey dem dey call Saul. He dey pray for there.

12. He don see one man wey dem dey call Ananias for inside hin vision. Ananias lay hin hand on am to make am see again.”

13. Ananais con tok sey, “Oga, I don hear plenty tins about dis man, and as he don take wound God-pipo wey dey for Jerusalem.

14. And he don come here wit authority from di chief priests, to arrest everi-pesin wey dey call your name.”

15. But Baba-God tell Ananias sey, “Go! Dis man na instrument wey I don choose to spread my name among world- pipo, plus dia kings, and to di pipo of Israel.

16. I go show am how much he go suffer for my name.”

17. Ananias go di house. He enta. He lay hin hand on Saul, con tok sey, “Broda Saul, Oga Jesus wey show-face to you for road as you dey come here—don send me come meet you, so dat you go see again, and so dat di Holy Spirit go brekete for your body.”

18. Naso sometin wey be like fish scale—fall komot from Saul eyes, and he start to dey see again. He stand up and dem baptize am,

19. and afta he chop finish, he con get small pawa.

Saul For Inside Damascus And Jerusalem

Saul stay wit di disciples for some days for Damascus.

20. Naso Saul start to dey preach for inside di worship-place sey—Jesus na Baba-God Son.

21. All di pipo wey hear am surprise—con ask sey, “No be dis man dey scata di pipo for Jerusalem wey dey call dis name? And he don come here to carry pipo as prisoners to di chief priests?”

22. Naso Saul start to dey get pawa more-more, he make di Jews wey dey stay for Damascus surprise—as he dey prove sey Jesus na di Christ.

23. Afta many days don pass, di Jews con dey plan to kill am.

24. But Saul hear about dia plan. Everi day and night, di Jews con dey watch di city gate well- well—so dat dem go fit kill am.

25. But Saul followers carry am for night for inside basket—pass go down from one hole wey dey for di city wall.

26. Wen he reach Jerusalem, he try to join di disciples, but all of dem dey fear am, dem no believe sey he really be Christ disciple.

27. But Barnabas carry Saul come meet di disciples. He tell dem as Saul take see Baba-God for hin journey, as Baba-God take follow am tok, and how he take dey preach about Jesus name wit-out fear for Damascus.

28. So Saul stay wit dem, he stay around Jerusalem wit free mind, and he dey tok about di name of Jesus wit full-mind.

29. He tok, con argue wit di Grecian Jews, but dem try to kill am.

30. Wen di brodas hear wetin happun, dem carry Saul go Caesarea—con sey make he dey go Tarsus.

31. Den all di churches wey dey around Judea, Galilee plus Samaria—enjoy peace. Dem con get strength; and di Holy Spirit give dem moral. Di pipo wey dey fear Baba-God con dey burku.

Aeneas And Dorcas

32. As Peter travel round di kontri, he go visit God-pipo for Lydda.

33. Na for there he meet one man wey dem dey call Aeneas. Aeneas dey paralyzed, and he dey on top bed for eight years.

34. So Peter tell am sey, “Aeneas, JesusChrist don heal you. Stand up make you carry your mat.” Naso Aeneas stand up.

35. All those pipo wey dey stay for Lydda plus Sharon see am, con start to dey follow Baba-God.

36. For Joppa, e get one disciple wey dem dey call Tabitha (wen dem translate am e mean Dorcas). She dey always dey do good tins, and she dey epp poor pipo.

37. Around dat time nahin she sick—con die, dem wash her body, con put am for one room for upstairs.

38. Lydda dey near Joppa; so wen di disciples hear sey Peter dey for Lydda, dem send two men go meet am—to ginger am, “Abeg come sharp-sharp!”.

39. So Peter follow dem go, and wen he reach there, dem carry am go di room wey dey upstairs. All di widows stand round Peter, dem dey cry—con dey show am di clothes wey Dorcas make for dem wen she bin dey alive.

40. Naso Peter tok sey—make all of dem komot from di room; he kneel down—con dey pray. He face di dead woman, con tok sey, “Tabitha, get up.” She open her eyes, and as she see Peter, she sidon.

41. He hold her hand, con epp her stand up. He call di pipo, and di widows, con show dem sey Tabitha dey alive.

42. Everi-pesin for Joppa hear wetin happun, and plenty- pipo believe Baba-God.

43. Peter stay for Joppa small, wit one man wey dey make leather. Di man name na Simon.


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