John Chapter 10

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Jesus Na Di Good Shepherd

1. “I dey tell una di truth, di man wey no enta di sheep-house from di gate, but enta tru anoda way, na robber or tiff.

2. Di man wey enta from di gate nahin be di shepherd of hin sheep.

3. Di gateman go open di gate for am, and di sheep dey listen to hin voice. He dey call hin own sheep wit dia name, and he go carry dem komot.

4. Wen he don carry all hin own sheep komot, he go dey for dia front, and hin sheep go follow am—becos dem know hin voice.

5. But dem no go gree follow stranger [jjc]; naso dem go even run komot fromam—becos dem no know stranger [jjc] voice.”

6. Jesus tok dis parable but dem no gree understand wetin he dey tell dem.

7. So Jesus con tell dem again sey, “I dey tell una di truth, na me be di gate for di sheep.

8. Everi-pesin wey bin come before me na tiff and robbers, but di sheep no gree listen to dem.

9. Na me be di gate; any- pesin wey follow me enta, go save. He go waka enta and waka komot, and he go see green-land.

10. Di only tin wey tiff come do—na to steal, to kill and to scata tins; I don come so dat dem go get life, and make dem get am yanfu-yanfu.

11. “Na me be di good shepherd. Di good shepherd dey give hin life for hin sheep. 12. Pesin wey dem employ no be di shepherd wey get di sheep. So wen he see wolf dey come, he go fashi di sheep, con jakpa. Naso di wolf go attack di sheep con scata dem.

13. Di man run komot becos dem employ am, and he no care about di sheep.

14. “Na me be di good shepherd; I know my sheep, and my sheep know me—

15. just as di Fada take know me, and I know di Fada—and I give my life for di sheep.

16. I get oda sheep wey no be from dis sheep-house. I must bring dem sef. Demsef go hear my voice, and e go be one pipo wit one shepherd.

17. Wetin make my Papa love me na becos I sacrifice my life—so dat I go fit get am back again.

18. No-pesin fit take my life from me. I sacrifice my own life wit free mind. I get di pawa to put down my life, and I get di pawa to collect am back again. I dey receive dis command from my Papa.”

19. Di Jews con dey argue again becos of wetin he tok.

20. Many of dem tok sey, “Bad-spirit dey for hin body, and hin head no correct. Why we go dey listen to am?”

21. But some odas con tok sey, “Dis words no be words from man wey bad-spirit dey for hin body. Abi bad-spirit fit open blind man eyes?”

Di Jews No Gree Believe

22. Di Festival of di Dedication con reach for Jerusalem. Na cold-season,

23. and Jesus dey around di worship-place, he dey waka for Solomon Veranda.

24. Di Jews gada round am, con tok sey,
“How long you go dey make us wait? If na
you be di Christ, tell us straight.”

25. Naso Jesus ansa dem, “I don tell una but una no gree believe. Di miracles wey I dey do wit my Papa name don show everitin,

26. but una no gree believe me becos una no be my sheep.

27. My sheep dey hear my voice; I know
dem, and dem dey follow me.

28. I dey give dem life wey dey last forever
and dem no go ever kpeme; no-pesin fit drag dem komot from my hand.

29. My Fada wey don give dem to me great
pass everi-pesin; no-pesin fit drag dem
komot from my Papa hand.

30. Me and my papa na one.”

31. Naso di Jews carry stone wan stone am again,

32. but Jesus tell dem sey, “I don show una
plenty great miracles from my Papa. Which
of dis tins wan make una stone me so?”

33. Di Jews con tok sey, “We no wan stone
you for any of di good works, but becos you dey downgrade-Baba-God, becos you wey be ordinary man dey claim sey you be God.”

34. Jesus ansa dem, “Abi dem no write am
for una Holy- books, ‘I don tell una sey una
be gods’?

35. Una know sey di Holy- books no fit
break, if he call those pipo wey receive
Baba-God message ‘gods,’

36. wot about di pesin wey he choose as hin own, con send am enta di world? Why una con dey tok sey I dey downgrade Baba-God becos I tok sey, ‘I be Baba-God Son [pikin]’?

37. Make una no believe me unless I do
wetin my Papa dey do.

38. But if I do am, even though una no gree
believe me, make una believe di miracles, so dat una go know and understand sey di Fada dey for inside me, and me sef dey for inside di Fada.”

39. Dem try to hollam again, but he escape
from dem.

40. So Jesus go di oda side of di Jordan, for where John bin dey baptize pipo before-before. He con stay for there.

41. And plenty pipo come meet am. Dem tok sey, “Even though John no perform any
miracle, everitin wey John bin tok about dis
man na true.”

42. Many pipo con believe Jesus for dat


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