John Chapter 11

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As Lazarus Take Kpeme

1. One man wey dem dey call Lazarus no-well. He come from Bethany—wey be di town of two sistas—Mary and Martha.

2. Dis Mary, wey her broda be Lazarus wey no-well so, na di same pesin wey pour perfume for Jesus body, con use her hair take dey rub di perfume for hin body.’

3. So her sista send message go meet Jesus sey, “Oga, pesin wey you love no-well.”

4. Wen Jesus hear am, he tok sey, “Di sickness no go end for death. But na for Baba-God to get levels, so dat Man-pikin go fit use dis kain tin take shine.”

5. Jesus love Martha and her sista, plus Lazarus.

6. But wen he hear sey Lazarus no-well, he still stay for where he dey for two more days.

7. He tell hin disciples sey, “Make we go back to Judea.”

8. Dem con tok sey, “But teacher, now-now-now di Jews bin try to stone you, and you wan still go back go there?”

9. Jesus con ansa dem, “No be twelve hours dey for one day? Pesin wey dey waka for day no fit fall, becos di light for di day go make am see road.

10. Na wen he waka for night nahin he fit fall—becos he no get light.”

11. He still t e ll d em s e y, “Awa padi—Lazarus, don sleep; but I dey go there to go wake am.”

12. So hin disciples ansa am, “Oga, if na sleep he dey sleep, e for beta.”

13. Jesus bin dey tok about Lazarus death, but hin disciples tink sey he mean normal sleep.

14. So he tell dem straight, “Lazarus don kpeme.

15. And becos of una, I dey happy sey I no dey for there, so dat una go believe. But make we go see am.”

16. Naso Thomas wey dem dey call (Didymus) tell di rest of dem sey, “Make we sef go, so dat we go die wit Jesus.”

Jesus Comfort Di Sistas

17. As he reach there, Jesus notice sey Lazarus don already dey inside grave for four days.

18. Bethany no reach two miles from Jerusalem,

19. and plenty Jews come meet Martha and Mary to tell dem sorry—for dia broda wey die.

20. Wen Martha hear sey Jesus dey come, she go outside go meet am, but Mary dey for house.

21. Naso Martha tok sey, “Oga, if to sey you dey for here, my broda for no die.

22. But I know sey even now—Baba-God fit give you anytin wey you ask am.”

23. Jesus con tell her sey, “Yourbroda go raise again.”

24. So Martha ansa Jesus, “I know sey he go raise again for di last day wen Baba-God go raise pipo up.”

25. Jesus con tok sey, “Na me dey raise pipo up, and na me be di life. Any-pesin wey believe in me go live, even though he kpeme;

26. And any-pesin wey dey alive, con believe me—no go ever die. You believe am?”

27. She ansa am, “Yes Oga, I believe sey na you be di Christ, you be Baba-God Son wey suppose come dis world.”

28. Afta she don tok finish, she go inside go call her sista, Mary—go one corner, she con tok sey, “Di teacher don show and he dey ask of you.”

29. Wen Mary hear am, she stand up quick-quick—go meet am.

30. Jesus neva enta di village, but he still dey for where Martha meet am.

31. Wen di Jews wey bin dey wit Mary for house—dey cool her down, notice as she take stand up sharp-sharp komot from di house, dem follow her, dem tink sey she wan go cry for di grave.

32. Wen Mary reach where Jesus dey, con see am, she fall for hin front, con tok sey, “Oga, if to sey you dey for here, my broda for no kpeme.”

33. Wen Jesus see her dey cry, and all di Jews sef wey dey wit her dey cry, hin spirit con touch am.

34. Naso he ask dem, “Where una bury am put?” Dem ansa am sey, “Oga, con see.”

35. Jesus cry.

36. Di Jews con tok sey, “See as he love Lazarus well- well!”

37. But some of dem tok sey, “Abi dis man wey open blind man eyes—for no save dis man make he no die?

Jesus Raise Lazarus From Di Dead

38. Jesus heart touch am again wen he reach near di grave for inside rock—wey dem roll one stone use cover am.

39. So Jesus tok sey, “Make una komot di stone.” Martha wey be di sista of di man wey die con tok sey, “But Oga, he go don dey smell well-well by dis time, becos e don reach four days wey we bury am.”

40. Jesus ansa her, “I no tell you sey you go see Baba-God levels, if you believe?” 41. Dem komot di stone, and Jesus look up—con tok sey, “Fada, I tank you sey you don already hear me.

42. I know sey you dey always hear me, but I tok dis tin so dat pipo wey stand for here go gain sometin, and so dat dem go believe sey na you send me.”

43. Wen he tok finish, he shout, “Lazarus come out!”

44. Naso Lazarus wey don kpeme come out, dem wrap hin hand and leg wit linen, and cloth for hin face. Jesus con tell dem sey, “Komot di grave cloth make he free.”

Dem Plan To Kill Jesus

45. So plenty of di Jews wey come visit Mary—see wetin Jesus do, and dem con put dia faith on Jesus.

46. But some of dem go meet di Pharisees, con gist dem wetin Jesus do.

47. Naso di chief priests, plus di Pharisees—do meeting of di Council. Dem con ask demsef sey, “Wetin we go do? See dis man dey perform plenty miracle signs.

48. If we allow am kontinu like dis, everi-pesin go believe am, and di Roman govment go con scata awa worship-place and awa nation.”

49. Cephas na one of dem, and he be high priest dat year. He tok sey, “Una no know anytin at all!

50. Una neva know sey e beta sey make one man die for di pipo—dan make di full nation kpeme.”

51. He no tok dis tin on hin own, but as high priest dat year, he prophesy sey Jesus go die for di Jews,

52. and no be only for di Jews, but for Baba-God pikin wey scata for everi-where, to bring dem togeda—make dem be one.

53. So from dat day, dem start to dey plan to kill am.

54. Jesus con stop to dey waka for outside wit di Jews. Instead he go around one area near di desert, for one village wey dem dey call Ephraim—na for there he stay wit hin disciples.

55. Wen time don dey reach for di Jews Passover celebration, many pipo komot go Jerusalem for di ceremonial cleansing before di Passover.

56. Naso dem dey fyne Jesus, and as dem stand for di worship-place, dem con dey ask demsef, “Wetin una tink, abi he no dey come di Festival again?”

57. But di chief priests and di Pharisees don give order sey, if any-pesin know where Jesus dey, make he con tell dem, so dat dem go fit gbab am.


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