John Chapter 12

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Mary Anoint Jesus For Bethany

1. Six days before di Passover, Jesus land for Bethany, where Lazarus wey Jesus raise from di dead—dey stay.

2. For there, dem arrange evening-food to honour Jesus. Martha dey serve pipo, as Lazarus dey wit di pipo wey sidon for table wit Jesus.

3. So Mary carry one pure nard perfume—wey cost well- well; she pour am for Jesus leg, con use her hair dey rub hin leg. So di perfume con dey scent for everi- where for di house.

4. But one of hin disciples, Judas Isacriot, wey later betray am—no like wetin she dey do.

5. “Why dem no sell dis perfume for three hundred denarii, con give poor pipo di moni?”

6. He no tok dis tin becos he care about poor pipo, but becos he be tiff. Nahin dey hold di bag of moni, and sometimes he dey steal from di moni wey dem give am to keep.

7. So Jesus tok sey, “Free her joor, she don keep dis perfume for di day of my burial.

8. Poor pipo go always dey around una, but I no go always dey wit una.”

9. Naso plenty Jews notice sey Jesus dey around, dem come, no be only becos of Jesus, but dem come see Lazarus sef —wey Jesus bin raise from di dead.

10. So di chief priests con dey plan to kill Lazarus sef.

11. Na becos of Lazarus, plenty Jews don dey go meet Jesus, con believe am.

Jesus Enta Like King

12. Di next day, plenty-pipo wey come for di Festival—hear sey Jesus dey for road dey come Jerusalem.

13. Dem carry branches of palm tree go meet Jesus, dem con dey halla, “Hosanna!” “Blessings for di Pesin wey dey come in di name of Baba-God!” “Blessings for di king of Israel!”

14. Naso Jesus see one small donkey, he con sidon on top am, as dem write am for di Holy- books sey,

15. “Oh Daughters of Zion, no let fear catch una; see una king sidon for donkey—dey come.”

16. First of all, hin disciples no understand all dis tins. Na only afta dem don see Jesus levels—nahin dem con remember sey prophets bin write about dis tins wey dem don do to am.

17. Now di plenty pipo wey dey wit am wen he call Lazarus come out from di grave and raise am up, con start to dey gist plenty pipo about am.

18. So many pipo go meet am, becos dem hear sey he don do dis miracle.

19. Di Pharisees con dey tok wit demsef sey, “See, we no fit do anytin as di whole world don dey follow am!”

Jesus Predict Hin Death

20. Now, some Greeks dey among di pipo wey go worship for di Festival.

21. Dem come meet Philip wey come from Bethsaida for Galilee, con ask am sey, “Oga, we go like to see Jesus.”

22. Philip go tell Andrew; Andrew and Philip con go tell Jesus.

23. Jesus ansa dem sey, time don reach—wey Man-pikin go get hin levels.

24. I dey tell una di truth, unless seed fall for ground con die, e go still be one single seed. But if e die, e go produce plenty seeds.

25. Man wey love hin life go lose am. And di man wey no-send hin life for dis world—go keep am for everlasting life.

26. Any-pesin wey wan serve me must follow me; and anyplace wey I dey, my servant sef go dey there wit me. My Papa go honour any-pesin wey dey serve me.

27. “Now, wahala dey for my heart, abi make I pray sey? ‘Papa save me from dis hour?’ But na di reason wey make me show be dis.

28. Papa, give your name levels!” Naso one voice come from heaven, “I don give am levels, and I go still give am levels again.”

29. Di plenty-pipo wey dey for there wey hear am tok, con tok sey—e sound like thunder; some oda pipo tok sey—na angel follow am tok.

30. And Jesus ansa, “Dis voice tok—make una for gain sometin, no be for me.

31. Di time for judgement don reach for dis world; now Baba-God go pursue Satan—di prince of dis earth komot.

32. But me, wen I go komot from di earth go up-up, I go drag all men come meet me.”

33. He tok dis tin to show di way he go take die.

34. Di plenty-pipo con tok sey, “We don hear am from di law sey, Christ go dey forever: so why you con tok sey, ‘Man-pikin go-go up-up’? Who be dis ‘Man-pikin’?”

35. Jesus ansa dem, “Una go only see di light small. Waka wen you get light, before darkness go soon cover una. Man wey dey waka for inside darkness no know where he dey go.

36. Believe in di light wen you still get am, so dat una go turn to sons of light.” As Jesus tok finish, he waka komot, con hide from dem.

Di Jews No Still Believe

37. Even afta Jesus don do all dis plenty miracles for dia front, dem still no gree believe am.

38. Dis na to confam di word of Isaiah, di prophet wey tok sey, “Oga, who don believe awa message, and who don see Baba-God hand?”

39. So dem no gree believe, becos Isaiah still tok for anoda place sey:

40. “He don blind dia eyes, and he don make dia heart strong, sote dem no fit use dia eyes take see, or understand wit dia heart, or change—so dat I go heal dem.”

41. Isaiah tok dis tin becos he see Jesus levels, and he tok about am.

42. But plenty pipo, even among di senior-men still believe am. But becos of di Pharisees dem no fit tok about wetin dem believe—becos dem dey fear sey di senior-men no go let dem enta di worship-place again;

43. dem like make men dey hail dem, instead of Baba-God hailings.

44. Naso Jesus halla, “Wen man believe me, no be only me he believe, but he believe di pesin wey send me.

45. Wen he look me, he go see di pesin wey send me.

46. I don come to dis world as light—so dat everi-pesin wey believe me no go stay for inside darkness.

47. “As for di pesin wey hear my words but he no keep am, I no go judge am. I no come to Judge di world but I come to save di world.

48. Pesin dey, wey go Judge any-pesin wey fashi me, and wey no gree follow my words; dat same word wey I dey tok—nahin go judge am on di last day.

49. I no dey tok from my own mind, but di Fada wey send me nahin dey command me wetin I go tok, and how I go take tok am.

50. I know sey hin command dey lead pesin to everlasting life. So anytin wey I tok na di tin wey my Papa tell me to tok.”


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