John Chapter 13

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Jesus Wash Hin Disciples Legs

1. Na before di Passover Festival, and Jesus know sey time don reach for am to komot from dis world go meet hin Papa. As he love hin own pipo wey dey for di world, he show dem sey he love dem reach di end.

2. Dem dey serve evening- food, and di devil don already ginger Judas Iscariot wey be Simon pikin—to betray Jesus.

3. Jesus know sey di Fada don put everitin under hin pawa, and sey he come from heaven, and he dey go back go meet Baba-God;

4. so he stand up as dem dey chop, he komot hin cloth, con tie towel for hin waist.

5. Afta dat, he pour water for basin, con start to dey wash dia legs—dey dry dem wit di towel wey he tie for hin waist.

6. Wen he reach Simon Peter turn, Peter tell am sey, “Oga you really wan wash my leg?”

7. So Jesus ansa am sey, “You no go know di meaning of wetin I dey do now, but later you go understand.”

8. Peter ansa am, “Lai-lai, you no go wash my leg.” Naso Jesus tell am sey, “You no fit be part of me, unless I wash you.”

9. So Simon Peter tok sey, “Oga, no be only my leg you go wash, but my hand and my head sef!”

10. Jesus ansa am sey, “Pesin wey don baff—only need to wash hin leg; hin full body don clean; and you clean—but no be all of una clean.”

11. He don already know di pesin wey go betray am, and nahin make am tok sey no be everi-pesin clean.

12. Wen he wash dia leg finish, he wear hin cloth, con go back to hin place. So he ask dem sey, “Una understand wetin I just do for una?”

13. “ Una dey call me ‘Teacher’ plus ‘Oga.’ Una dey correct, becos na wetin I be—be dat.

14. Now wey me, una Oga, plus teacher, don wash una legs, make una sef wash each oda legs.

15. I don show una example. Make una do as I don do for una.

16. I dey tell una di truth, no servant great pass hin oga, or messenger great pass di pesin wey send am.

17. Now wey una know dis tins, una go receive blessings if una do dem. Jesus

Predict As Dem Go Betray Am

18. “I no dey follow all of una tok; I know those pipo wey I don choose. But dis na to confam wetin dem write for di Holy-books: ‘Pesin wey share bread wit me don turn against me.’

19. “I dey tell una now—before e go happun, so dat wen e happun, una go believe sey na me be di Saviour.

20. I dey tell una di truth, any-pesin wey accept pesin wey I send—don accept me; and any- pesin wey accept me—don accept di pesin wey send me.

21. Afta Jesus tok finish, hin spirit con dey disturb am, so he tok sey, “I dey tell una di truth, one of una go betray me.”

22. Hin disciples con dey look demsef, to know which of dem Jesus dey tok about.

23. One of dem, di disciple wey he love, dey rest on Jesus body.

24. Simon give dis disciple sign sey, “Ask am who he dey tok about.”

25. As dis disciple wey Jesus love—rest for Jesus body,he ask am sey, “Oga,who be dat?”

26. Jesus ansa am, “Na di pesin wey I go give dis bread wey I go dip inside di bowl.” As he dip di piece of bread inside di bowl, he carry am give Judas Iscariot, wey be Simon pikin.

27. As Judas just collect di bread, Devil enta inside hin body. Jesus con tell am sey, “Do wetin you wan do sharp-sharp.”

28. But none of di disciples wey dey follow am chop—understand wetin make Jesus follow am tok dis kain tin.

29. As na Judas dey hold di moni, some of di disciples tink sey Jesus dey tell Judas make he go buy wetin dem need for di Festival, or make he carry some moni give poor pipo.

30. As Judas collect di bread from Jesus, he waka commot. Night don reach dat time.

Jesus Predict Sey PeterGo Deny Am

31. Afta he komot, Jesus start to dey tell dem, “Na now Man-pikin get levels, and Baba-God sef go get levels inside am.

32. If Baba-God get levels inside am, Baba-God sef go give Man-pikin levels inside hinsef, and he go give am di levels at once.

33. “Small-small pikin, I go dey wit una small. Una go fyne me, and just as I tell di Jews, na di same tin I dey tell una now: Una no go fit reach where I dey go.

34. “Na new command I dey give una: Make una love one anoda. Una must love one anoda, just as I take love una.

35. If una love unasef, e go make all men know sey una be my disciples.”

36. Simon Peter ask Jesus, “Oga, where you dey go?” Jesus ansa am, “You no fit follow me go where I dey go now, but you go follow me later.”

37. Naso Peter ask am sey, “Oga, why I no fit follow you now? I go give my life for you.”

38. Jesus ansa am, “You fit really give your life for me? I dey tell you di truth, before cock go crow, you go deny me three times!


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