John Chapter 16

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1. “I don tell una all dis tins so dat una no go waka komot from di faith.

2. Dem go pursue una komot from di worship-place; time dey come wen any-pesin wey kill una go tink sey he dey do Baba-God work.

3. Dem go do dat kain tin becos—dem neva know di Fada or me.

4. I don tell una dis tin so dat wen di time reach, una go remember sey I don warn una before. I no tell una dis tin before, becos I dey wit una.

5. “Now I dey go meet di Pesin wey send me, but none of una ask me sey, ‘Where you dey go?’

6. Una dey feel sad becos I don tell una all dis tins.

7. But I dey tell una di truth: e beta for una if I komot. Di Comforter [Holy Spirit] no go come meet una unless I komot; but if I komot, I go send am to una.

8. Wen he come, he go show di world sey dem dey wrong about—sin, righteousness, plus judgement;

9. about sin—becos dem no gree believe in me;

10. about goodness—becos I dey go meet di Fada for where una no go see me again;

11. about judgement—becos Baba-God don already judge di rulers of dis world.

12. “I get plenty tins to tell una, pass wetin una head fit carry.

13. But wen di Spirit of truth go land, he go guide una enta all truth. He no go tok on hin own; he go tok only wetin he hear, and he go tell una wetin go happun.

14. He go bring levels come meet me, becos he go show una di tin wey belong to me.

15. Everitin wey di Fada get, belong to me. Na wetin make me tok sey di Spirit go carry wetin I get–con show una.

16. “Small time una no go see me again, den small time una go see me.”

Di Disciples Worry-worry—Go Turn To Hapiness

17. Some of di disciples dey tok wit demsef, “Wetin he mean wen he tok sey, ‘Small time una no go see me again, and small time una go see me again,’ and ‘becos I dey go meet di Fada’?”

18. Dem kontinu to ask, “Wetin he mean by, ‘small time’? We no understand wetin he dey tok.”

19. Jesus see sey dem wan ask am sometin about di mata, so he tell dem sey, “Una dey ask unasef wetin I mean wen I tok sey, ‘Small time una no go see me again, and e no go tey, una go see me again’?

20. I dey tell una di truth, una go cry well￾well as di world dey happy. Una go worry, but una worry go turn to joy.

21. Woman wey wan born pikin dey feel pain, becos her time don reach; but wen she don born di pikin, she go forget all di suffer-suffer, becos she don dey happy sey she don born pikin enta dis world.

22. Naso e be wit una: Now na una time to cry, but I go see una again and una go happy, and no- pesin go fit komot una happiness.

23. Dat day, una no go ask me anytin again. I dey tell una di truth, my Papa go give una anytin wey una ask in my name.

24. Reach now, una neva ask anytin wit my name. Ask and una go receive, so dat una happiness go brekete.

25. “Even though I don dey tok wit parable, time go soon reach wen I no go use parable, but I go tell una straight, about my Papa.

26. For dat day, una go ask in my name, and I no mean sey I go epp una ask di Fada.

27. Di Fada hinsef love una well-well, becos una don love me, and una believe sey I come from Baba-God.

28. I come from di Fada—enta inside dis world; now I dey komot from di world—to go back to meet my Papa.”

29. Naso hin disciples tok sey, “Now you dey tok straight, and no be wit parable.

30. Now we fit see sey you know everi-everi, and you no even need any-pesin to ask you question. Dis one make us believe sey you come from Baba-God.”

31. Jesus ansa dem, “Una don believe las-las!”

32. “But time dey come, and di time don show, wen una go scata, everi-pesin go dey on hin own, and una go fashi me—but I no
dey alone, my papa dey wit me.

33. “I don tell una dis tins so dat una go get
peace inside me. Una go get wahala for
inside di world. But get strong mind! I don
win di world.”


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