John Chapter 17

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Jesus Pray for Hinsef

1. Afta Jesus tok finish, he look heaven con pray: “Papa, di time don reach. Give your Son levels, so dat he go fit give you levels sef.’

2. You give am pawa over everi-pipo, so dat he go fit give everlasting life—to everi-pesin wey you don give am to.

3. Now, na di life wey dey last forever be dis: make pipo know you, di only true God, and Jesus Christ wey you send.

4. I don give you levels for earth as I complete di work wey you give me to do.

5. And now, Papa, give me levels for your front, wit di levels wey I get wit you before di starting of di world. Jesus Pray ForHin Disciples

6. “I don show you those pipo wey you give me from dis world. Na you get dem; you give dem to me, and dem don obey your word.

7. Now dem know sey everitin wey you don give me—come from you.

8. I give dem di message wey you give me, and dem accept am. Dem sure well-well sey I come from you. And dem believe sey na you send me.

9. I pray for dem. I no dey pray for di world, but for those pipo wey you don give me, dem belong to you.

10. Na you get everitin wey I get, and na me get everitin wey you get sef. And I don get levels becos of dem.

11. I no go dey dis world again, but dem still dey di world, and I dey come meet you. Holy Fada protect dem wit di pawa of your name—di name wey you give me—so dat dem go be one, as we take be one.

12. Wen I bin dey wit dem inside di world, I keep dem inside your name. I keep those pipo wey you don give me. None of dem lose, except di one wey hin destiny na to kpeme—to confam wetin dey for di Holy-books.

13. “I dey come meet you, but I dey tok all dis tins as I still dey for inside di world, so dat dem go fit brekete wit my joy.

14. I don give dem your word and di world hate dem, becos dem no belong to dis world, just as me sef no belong to dis world.

15. My prayer no be sey make you komot dem from di world, but make you protect dem from evil pipo.

16. Dem no be from di world, as me sef no be from dis world.

17. Make dem holy wit di truth; your word na truth.

18. As you take send me enta inside dis world, naso I don send dem enta di world.

19. I give myself as holy sacrifice for dem, so dat dem go dey holy by di truth.

Jesus Pray For All Believers

20. “My prayer no be for only dem, I still dey pray for those pipo wey go believe me tru dia message,

21. sey make all of dem be one. Fada, just as you take dey inside me, and I dey inside you. Make demsef dey inside us, so dat di world go believe sey you send me.

22. I don give dem di levels wey you give me, so dat dem go be one as we take be one:

23. Me—inside dem, and you—inside me. Make dem join togeda tight, to let di world know sey na you send me, and I don love dem as you take love me.

24. “Fada, I wan make those pipo wey you don give me—dey wit me for where I dey, and make dem see my levels—di levels wey you give me, becos you love me before you make dis world.

25. “Good Fada, even though di world no know you; I know you, and dem know sey na you send me.

26. I don make dem know you, and I go kontinu to make dem know you—so dat di love wey you get for me go dey inside dem and make mesef—dey inside dem.”


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