John Chapter 18

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Dem Arrest Jesus

1. Wen Jesus don pray finish, he komot wit hin disciples, con cross di Kidron valley. So hin disciples waka enta one garden wey dey for di oda side.

2. Now Judas, wey betray am know di place, becos Jesus dey always meet hin disciples for there.

3. So Judas come di garden wit some sojas, and some officers from di chief priests and Pharisees. Dem carry torchlight, lanterns, plus weapons.

4. Jesus wey know everitin wey wan happun to am—waka go outside, con ask dem, “Who una want?”

5. Dem con tok sey, “Jesus of Nazareth.” Naso Jesus tok sey, “Na me be dis,” (and Judas wey betray am follow dem stand for there.)

6. Wen Jesus tok sey, “Na me be dis,” all of dem shift go back, con kneel down for ground.

7. He ask dem again, “Who una want?” Nahin dem tok sey, “Jesus of Nazareth.”

8. Jesus con ansa dem, “I don tell una sey na me be di man. If una dey fyne me, allow dis men dey go.”

9. Dis one happun so dat di word wey he don tok go come to pass: “I neva lose any of those pipo wey you give me.”

10. Naso Simon Peter wey get sword drag am come out, con cut di high priest servant right ear. (Di servant name na Malchus.)

11. So Jesus tell Peter sey, “Carry your sword komot! Abi I no go drink di cup wey my Papa don give me?”

Dem Carry Jesus Go Annas

12. Naso di sojas and dia commander, plus di Jews official con gbab Jesus. Dem tie am,

13. con carry am go meet Annas wey be di fada-in-law of Caiaphas – di high priest dat year.

14. Caiaphas nahin advise di Jews sey e go beta if one man die for di pipo. Peter

First Deny Jesus

15. Simon Peter and anoda disciple dey follow Jesus. Becos di high priest know dis disciple, he follow Jesus enta di high priest palace,

16. but Peter wait for di doormot. Di oda disciple wey di high priest know—come back, he tok wit di girl wey dey on duty for there, con carry Peter enta.

17. Di girl wey dey for di doormot con ask Peter sey, “Abi you be one of hin disciple?” But Peter ansa her, “No be me!”

18. Cold dey, and di servants plus di officials stand round di faya wey dem do to make dia body warm. Peter sef stand wit dem dey warm hinsef.

Di High Priest Ask Jesus Question

19. Naso di high priest start to dey ask Jesus question about hin disciples and hin teaching.

20. Jesus tok sey, “I don tok openly wit di world, I always teach for church, or for di worship-place where all di Jews dey gada. I no tok anytin for secret.

21. Why you dey ask me question? Ask those pipo wey don hear me—dem surely know wetin I tok.”

22. Wen Jesus tok dis tin, one of di officials wey stand near am nack am for face, con ask am, “Naso you take dey ansa di high priest?”

23. Jesus ansa am, “If I tok any wrong tin, tok sey I dey wrong, but if I dey tok di truth, why you con dey nack me?”

24. Naso Annas send am go meet Caiaphas, di high priest as dem tie am so.

Peter Deny Am Di Second And Third Time

25. As Simon Peter stand dey warm hinsef wit di faya, dem ask am sey, “You be one of di disciples sef, abi no be so?” He deny am, con tok sey, “No be me.”

26. One of di high priest servant wey be one of di family of di man wey Peter bin cut hin ear, con challenge Peter, “I no see you wit Jesus for di garden?”

27. Peter deny am again, and naso cock just crow.

Jesus For Front Of Pilate

28. Di Jews con carry Jesus from Caiaphas—go di palace of di Roman govnor. By now, morning don reach and to avoid sey make dem no con dey clean, di Jews no enta di palace; becos e go make dem no fit celebrate di Passover.

29. So Pilate come outside come meet dem, con ask, “Wetin una tok sey dis man do?”

30. Dem ansa am, “If no be criminal we for no carry am come meet you.”

31. Pilate tok sey, “Make una use una hand carry am go judge wit una own law.” So di Jews tok sey, “But we no get di right to kill any-pesin.”

32. Dis tin happun to confam di word wey Jesus don tok about as he go take die.

33. Pilate go back inside hin palace, he call Jesus, con ask am sey, “Na you be di king of di Jews?”

34. Jesus con ask am, “Na your own idea be dat, or dem tell you about am?”

35. So Pilate tell am sey, “I be Jew? Na your pipo and your chief priests carry you come meet me. Wetin you do?”

36. Naso Jesus tok sey, “My kingdom no be from dis world. If na from dis world, my
servants for fight, so dat di Jews no go arrest me. But my kingdom na from anoda place.”

37. Pilate ansa am, “Dat means sey you be
King!” Jesus con tell am sey, “You dey
correct if you tok sey I be King. To tok di
truth—na di reason wey make dem born me, and na wetin make me come dis world. Any-pesin wey love di truth, dey listen to me.”

38. So Pilate ask am sey, “Wetin be truth?”
He con waka go meet di Jews again, he tok sey, “I no see anytin wey dis man don do.

39. But na una custom for me to release one prisoner for una—for di time of di Passover. Una wan make I release ‘Di king of di Jews’?”

40. Naso dem halla, “No, no be am! Give us
Barabbas!” But Barabbas na tiff.


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