Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

John Chapter 19

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Dem Sentence Jesus To Death

1. Naso Pilate sey make dem flog Jesus.

2. Di sojas use shuku- shuku take make crown put for hin head. Dem wear am purple cloth.

3. Dem con meet am again and again, con dey tok sey, “Cut- cap for di king of di Jews!” And dem nack am for face.

4. Naso Pilate come out again con tell di Jews sey, “See, I dey bring am come out to come meet una—to let una know sey I no see anytin bad wey dis man don do.”

5. Wen Jesus come outside wit shuku-shuku crown and purple cloth, Pilate tell dem sey, “Na di man be dis!”

6. As di chief priests and di officers just see am, dem halla, “Kill am! Nail am for cross! But Pilate ansa dem, “Make una carry am go nail for cross, as for me, I no see anytin bad wey dis man don do.”

7. Di Jews still dey halla, “We get law, and based-on di law, he must die—becos he claim to be Baba-God pikin.”

8. Wen Pilate hear wetin dem tok, fear con catch am more- more.

9. He enta inside hin palace. He con ask Jesus sey, “Where you come from?” But Jesus no ansa am.

10. So Pilate tok sey, “You no wan tok to me? You no know sey I get di pawa to free you, or nail you for cross?”

11. Jesus ansa am sey, “You no get any pawa over me if dem no give you from up. So di pesin wey carry me come meet you don commit bigger sin.”

12. From dat time, naso Pilate try to free Jesus, but di Jews kontinu to dey halla, “If you free di man, you no be Caesar padi. Any-pesin wey claim to be king—dey against Caesar.”

13. Wen Pilate hear dis one, he carry Jesus come out, he con sidon for di judgement chair—for one place wey dem dey call di Stone Pavement [wey mean ‘Gabbatha’ for Aramaic.

14. Now, na di Preparation Day for di Passover week, around twelve for afternoon. Pilate con tell di Jews, “Na una king be dis.”

15. But dem just dey shout, “Carry am go! Carry am go! Nail am for cross!” Pilate con ask dem, “Make I nail una king for cross?” Di chief priests ansa, “We no get any king except Caesar.”

16. Las-las Pilate carry am give dem make dem go kill am.

As Dem Take Nail Jesus For Cross

So di sojas carry Jesus komot.

17. Jesus carry hin own cross go one place wey dem dey call Skull (wey mean Golgotha for Aramaic).

18. Na for here dem nail am for cross. He and two odas—one for left and one for right, and Jesus for di middle.

19. Pilate prepare one notice wey dem tie for di cross: JESUS OF NAZARETH, DI KING OF DI JEWS.

20. Plenty of di Jews read dis sign, becos di place wey dem nail Jesus for cross, dey near di city and dem write di sign wit Aramaic, Latin and Greek.

21. Di chief priests of di Jews tell Pilate sey, “We no wan make you write ‘Di King of di Jews,’ but write am sey, “Dis man claim to be di King of di Jews.”

22. So Pilate ansa dem, “I don write wetin I don write.”

23. Wen di sojas don nail Jesus for cross, dem carry hin cloth, and dem divide am into four parts, all di sojas collect one-one part. Dem con carry hin sleeveless shirt, di cloth no dey stitched, e dey weaved from top to bottom as one cloth.

24. Dem tell demsef sey, “Make we no tear am, make we roll dice to decide who go carry am.” Dis one happun so dat wetin dem write for di Holy-books go come to pass—wey tok sey, “Dem divide my clothes among demsef, con roll dice to share my cloth.” So na wetin di sojas do be dis.

25. Jesus mama, hin mama sista, Mary wey be Clopas wife , plus Mary Magdalene—stand near di cross.

26. Wen Jesus see hin mama for there, and di disciple wey he love dey stand near am, he tell hin mama sey, “Madam, na your Son be dis,”

27. and he tell di disciple sey, “Na your mama be dis.” From dat time go, dis disciple carry her go hin own house.

As Jesus Take Kpeme

28. Later, as he know sey everitin don complete, and so dat wetin dem tok for di Holy-books go come to pass, Jesus con tok sey, “I wan drink water.”

29. So one soja soak sponge inside one container wey full wit sawa drink wey dey for there, dem put di sponge for stick, con carry am go up—to give Jesus.

30. Wen Jesus taste di drink, Jesus con tok sey, “Okpari.” Naso he bend hin head, con kpeme.

31. Dat day na di Preparation day and di next day suppose be special Sabbath. Becos di Jews no wan make dem leave deadbody for cross on di Sabbath, dem tok sey make Pilate break hin legs and make dem carry hin body come down.

32. Di sojas con break di legs of di two men wey dem kill follow Jesus.

33. But wen dem reach where Jesus dey, con see sey he don already die, dem no break hin leg.

34. Instead, one of di sojas shuuk Jesus side wit sharp iron—water plus blood con start to dey rush komot.

35. Di man wey see wetin happun, tok about am, and wetin he tok na true. He dey tok di truth and he dey tok am so dat you sef fit believe.

36. Dis tins happun so dat wetin dem write for di Holy-books go come to pass: “No one of hin bones go break,”

37. and as anoda part of di Holy-books bin tok sey, “Dem go dey look di pesin wey dem don shuuk.”

As Dem Take Bury Jesus

38. Lata, Joseph of Arimathea ask Pilate for Jesus body. Joseph na Jesus coded disciple—becos he dey fear di Jews. So he con carry di body wit Pilate permission.

39. Nicodemus follow am come sef—Nicodemus na di man wey don first visit Jesus for night. He carry perfume and oil—wey weigh up to 33.3 kg, na mixture of myrrh plus aloes.

40. Naso di two of dem carry Jesus body, con wrap am wit di spices inside one linen cloth. Dem do am based-on di Jews custom.

41. One garden dey for where dem nail Jesus for cross, and for inside di garden, e get one new grave inside rock, wey dem neva bury any-pesin before.

42. Becos na di Jews Preparation day, and since di grave no far, dem bury Jesus for there.


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