John Chapter 20

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Empty Grave

1. Early for di first day of di week, as e still dark, Mary Magdalene go di grave, con see sey di stone don komot from di front of di grave.

2. So she run go meet Simon Peter plus di oda disciple wey Jesus love, con tell dem sey, “Dem don carry Jesus body komot from di grave, and we no know where dem don go put am!”

3. So Peter plus di oda disciple start to dey waka go di grave.

4. Di two of dem dey run, but di oda disciple run pass Peter, con first am reach di grave.

5. He bend, he look inside, con see di linen cloth, but he no go inside.

6. Wen Simon Peter wey dey for back reach there, he enta di grave inside rock. He see di linen cloth for there,

7. and hin burial cloth wey dem bin put round Jesus head. Di cloth fold by esef, separate from di linen.

8. Las-las, di oda disciple wey don first reach di grave con go inside sef. He see, con believe.

9. [Dem no still understand from di Holy-books sey Jesus don raise from di dead.]

Jesus Show-face To Mary Magdalene

10. Naso di disciples con go back to dia house,

11. but Mary stand for near di grave, she dey cry; as she dey cry, she bend-con look inside di grave.

12. Naso she see two angels wey wear white,dem sidon for where Jesus body bin dey before, one for hin head side, and di oda one for hin leg side.

13. Dem ask her, “Madam why you dey cry?” She ansa dem sey, “Dem don carry my Oga komot, and I no know where dem go put am.”

14. Naso she look back, con see Jesus dey stand for there, but she no notice sey na Jesus.

15. He con tok sey, “Madam why you dey cry, who you dey fyne?” She bin tink sey na di gardner, so she tok sey, “Oga, if na you carry am komot, tell me where you go put am, and I go go carry am.”

16. So Jesus tok sey, “Mary.” She turn face am—con shout for Aramaic, “Raboni!”(wey mean teacher).

17. Naso Jesus tok sey, “No hold me, I neva go meet my Papa. Instead make you go meet my brodas, con tell dem sey, ‘I dey go meet my Papa and una Papa, to my God and una God.

18. Mary Magdalene go meet di disciples wit di gist: “I don see Oga Jesus!” And she tell dem sey nahin tell her all dis tins.

Jesus Show-face To Hin Disciples

19. For di evening of dat first day of di week, wen di disciples gada togeda and dem lock di door—becos dem dey fear di Jews. Naso Jesus just stand among dem, con tok sey, “Make peace dey wit una!”

20. Afta he tok dis tin, he show dem hin hands and hin side. Di disciples happy well-well wen dem see Jesus.

21. Jesus tell dem again, “Peace be wit una! I dey send una, as di Fada don send me.”

22. And naso he breath for dia body con tok sey, “Make una receive di Holy Spirit.

23. If una forgive any-pesin hin sins, di sins don wash komot; if una no forgive dem—dia sins no go wash komot.

Jesus Show-face To Thomas

24. Thomas [wey dem dey call Didymus], one of di twelve disciples, no bin dey wit di disciples wen Jesus show.

25. So di oda disciples tell am sey, “We don see Oga Jesus!” But he tell dem sey, “Unless I see di mark of di nail for hin hand, and put my finger for where di nail bin dey, con put my hand for hin side—I no go believe.”

26. One week later, Jesus disciples dey for di house again, and Thomas dey wit dem. Di door bin dey locked, but naso Jesus stand wit dem con tok sey, “Make peace dey wit una!”

27. So he tell Thomas sey, “Put your finger for here; see my hands. Bring your hand, come put am for my side. No dey get two-mind, believe.”

28. Thomas ansa am sey, “My Oga and my God!”

29. Naso Jesus tell am sey, “You believe, becos you don see me; blessings dey for those pipo wey neva see me but dem still believe.”

Di Reason For Di Book

30. Jesus do plenty miracles for front of hin disciples—wey dem no write for dis book.

31. But I write all dis ones—so dat una go believe sey Jesus na di Christ, Baba-God Son, and sey if you believe, you go get life by di pawa of hin name.


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