John Chapter 21

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Jesus Show-face for Galilee

1. Lata, Jesus still show- face to hin disciples again for di big-river of Galilee. Naso e take happun:

2. Simon Peter, Thomas (wey dem dey call Didymus), Nathaniel from Cana for Galilee, Zebedee sons, plus two oda disciples—dey togeda.

3. So Simon Peter tell dem sey, “I dey go catch fish,” and dem con tok sey, “We go follow you go.” So dem komot, con enta di boat, but for night—dem no catch anytin.

4. Early mor-mor, naso Jesus stand for di beach, but hin disciples no notice sey na Jesus.

5. He con halla dem, “Padi, una no see any fish catch?” Dem ansa am, “No.”

6. He con tok sey, “Make una throw una net go di right side of una boat, and una go see some fish.” Wen dem do like dat, dem no con fit drag di net, becos of di plenty fish.

7. Naso di disciple wey Jesus love con tell Peter sey, “Na Oga Jesus!” As Peter just hear sey na Oga Jesus, he wear hin cloth wey he pull before, con jump inside di water.

8. Di oda disciples follow am for di boat, as dem dey drag di net wey brekete wit fish, dem no bin dey far from di beach, about hundred yards.

9. Wen dem land, dem see faya wit coal, wey dey burn for there—wit fish on top of
am, and some bread.

10. Jesus tell dem sey, “Bring some of di fish wey una catch.”

11. Simon Peter climb enta
di boat, con drag di net come land. Big-big
fish nahin brekete inside, 153, but even as
dem plenty reach, di net no gree tear.

12. So Jesus tell dem sey, “Come make we
chop morning food. None of hin disciples
get- mind ask am, “Who you be?” Dem
know sey na Jesus.

13. Jesus share di bread for dem, and he
share di fish sef.

14. Dis na di third time wey Jesus dey show-face to hin disciples afta he raise up.
You Love Me?

15. As dem chop finish, Jesus tell Simon
Peter sey, “Simon, son of John, you really
love me pass all dis pipo?” Simon ansa,
“Yes, Oga, you know sey I love you.” Naso
Jesus tok sey, “Give my lamb food to chop.”

16. Jesus still tok sey, “Simon, son of John,
you true-true love me?” He ansa am, “Yes,
Oga, you know sey I love you.’ Jesus con tok sey, ‘Take care of my sheep.”

17. Di third time Jesus tell am again, “Simon, son of John, you love me?” Peter feel bad, becos Jesus ask am di third time, “You love me?” Simon ansa am, “Oga, you know everi-everi; you know sey I love you.” Naso Jesus tok sey, “Give my sheep food to chop.

18. I dey tell una di truth, wen you small, you dress yoursef and go where you wan go, but wen you don old, you go stretch your hand, and na pesin go dress you, con carry you go where you no wan go.”

19. Jesus tok dis tin to show di kain death wey Peter go take give Baba-God levels. He con tell am sey, “Follow me!”

20. Peter turn, con see sey di disciple wey Jesus love dey follow dem. Dis na di one wey rest for Jesus body wen dem dey chop night-food, and wey tok sey, “Oga, who go betray you?”

21. Wen Peter see am, he ask Jesus sey, “Oga, wot about dis man?”

22. Jesus con ansa am, “If I wan make he dey alive until I go come again, wetin dat one mean to you? You must follow me.”

23. Becos of dis, di rumor spread among di brodas sey dis disciple no go die. But Jesus no tok sey he no go die; he only tok sey, “If I wan make he dey alive until I go show again, wetin be dat one to you?”

24. Dis na di disciple wey tok about dis tins and wey write dem down. We know sey hin words na true.

25. Jesus do plenty oda tins sef. If dem write all of dem down, even di whole world no go reach for di book wey dem go write.


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