John Chapter 3

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Jesus Teach Nicodemus

1. E get one man wey be Pharisee—hin
name na Nicodemus. Nicodemus dey among di pipo wey dey rule.

2. He come meet Jesus for night con tok
sey, “Oga, we know
sey you be teacher wey come from Baba-God. No-pesin fit perform di miracle signs
wey you dey do if Baba-God no dey wit am.”

3. Jesus ansa am, “I dey tell you di truth,
no-pesin fit see Baba-God kingdom unless di pesin born again.”

4. Nicodemus con ask am, “How dem go fit
born pesin wey don old? Abi he fit enta
inside hin mama belle di second time make she con born am?”

5. Jesus ansa am, “I dey tell you di truth, no
man fit enta Baba-God kingdom—unless he
born by water plus Spirit.

6. Flesh dey born flesh, but di Spirit dey
born spirit.

7. You no suppose surprise for wetin I dey
tok sey, ‘You must dey born again.’

8. Breeze dey blow go any where e like.
You go hear e sound but you no go fit know
where e dey come from, or where e dey go.
Naso everi-pesin wey di Spirit born—be.”

9. Naso Nicodemus ask am sey, “How dis kain tin fit happun?”

10. Jesus con tok sey, “Shwoo, you be
teacher for Israel and you no understand dis tins?

11. I dey tell you di truth, we dey tok wetin
we sabi, and we dey tok wetin we don see, but una no still gree understand wetin we dey tell una.

12. I don tell you tins about dis earth and you no gree believe; how you go fit believe if I tell about tins of heaven?

13. No-pesin don ever go heaven con come
back, except Man-pikin wey come down
from heaven.

14. Just as Moses carry di snake go up for
inside di desert, naso Man-pikin must lift go up.

15. So dat any-pesin wey believe am, go get life forever.

16. “Baba-God love di world well￾well—sote he give hin Only Son, so dat any￾pesin wey believe am—no go kpeme, but go
get everlasting life.

17. Baba-God no send hin son come di world to condemn di world, but to save di world tru am.

18. Any-pesin wey believe am no go dey
condemned, but any- pesin wey no believe
am—don already condemn becos, he no gree believe di name of Baba-God One and Only Son.

19. Na di judgement be dis: Light don show for di world, but men love darkness instead of light, becos na evil tins dem dey do.

20. Any-pesin wey dey do evil tin hate di
light, and he no go gree come where light
dey, becos he dey fear sey pipo go see hin
evil package.

21. But any-pesin wey dey live for di
truth—dey come where di light dey, so dat
pipo go fit see am korokoro, sey na tru Baba-God he take dey run tins.

John Di Baptist Words About Jesus

22. Afta dis, Jesus and hin disciples waka go di kontri-side for Judea, where dem stay
small, con dey baptize pipo.

23. John sef dey baptize pipo for Aenon
near—Salim, becos plenty water dey for
there, and plenty pipo dey come baptize for

24. (Na before dem put John for prison.)

25. Argument con start between John
disciples, and some Jews about ceremonial washing.

  1. Dem come meet John, con ask am sey, “Teacher, di man wey bin dey wit you for di oda side of Jordan—di pesin wey you tok about—don dey baptize pipo, and everi-pesin dey go meet am.”
  2. John ansa dem sey, “Pesin no fit receive anytin, unless Baba-God give am from heaven.”
  3. Una know sey I don tell una before
    sey—’No be me be di Christ, but Baba-God send me first before di Christ go show’
  4. Di woman wey wan marry, belong to di man wey wan marry am. And belle dey sweet di padi of di man wey wan marry, wen he stand to hear di voice of hin padi wey wan marry. Na me get dat happiness, and now e don come to pass.
  5. He must great pass me, and I must small pass am.
  6. “Di pesin wey come from up-up pass
    everi-pesin; di pesin wey be from earth belong to di earth, and he dey tok like pesin from dis earth. Di pesin wey come from heaven pass everi-pesin.
  7. He dey tok wetin he don see and wetin he don hear, but no- pesin gree believe wetin he tok.
  8. And any-pesin wey believe am, don
    confam sey Baba-God dey na true.
  9. Di pesin wey Baba-God don send—dey
    tok Baba-God word, and Baba-God dey give di Spirit brekete.
  10. Di Papa love di Son and he don put everi-everi for hin hand.
  11. Any-pesin wey believe in di Son get
    everlasting life, but any-pesin wey fashi di Son—no go see life, but Baba-God dey vex for am.”


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