John Chapter 4

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Jesus Follow Di Samaritan Woman

1. Di Pharisees hear sey Jesus don dey get
more followers, and he dey baptize plenty
pipo pass John disciples,

2. even though no be Jesus dey baptize
pipo, but na hin disciple dey baptize pipo.

3. Wen Jesus hear am, he komot from
Judea, con go back to Galilee again.

4. Dis time he pass tru Samaria.

5. So he reach one town for Samaria wey
dem dey call Sychar, near di plot of land wey Jacob give hin son Joseph.

6. Jacob well dey for there, and as Jesus don taya from di waka, he sidon near di well. Na around 12 o’clock for afternoon.

7. One Samaritan woman con draw water,
so Jesus tell her sey, “Biko, give me water

8. [Hin disciples bin go buy food for inside

9. Naso di Samaritan woman tell Jesus sey, “You be Jew and I be Samaritan woman. Why you dey ask me for drink?” [Jews no dey rub-mind wit Samaritan.]

10. So Jesus ansa her sey, “If to sey you
know di gift of Baba-God, and who dey ask you for water to drink so, you for ask am, and he for give you living

11. Di woman con tok sey, “Oga, you no get
ifami, and di well deep. For where you wan
take get dis living water?

12. Abi you great pass awa papa,
Jacob—wey give us di well, con drink from
di water, even hin sons and hin animals sef
drink from di water of dis well?”

13. Jesus ansa, “Water go still hungry any-pesin wey drink dis water,

14. but water no go hungry any-pesin wey
drink di water wey I give am. True-true, di
water wey I go give am go turn to water wey dey flow from gound—wey go flow inside am as life wey dey last forever.”

15. Di woman con tell am sey, “Oga, abeg
give me dis water, so dat water no go hungry me again, and so dat I no go dey come here come fetch water.”

16. Naso he tell her sey, “Go call your
husband—make you come back.”

17. She con tok sey, “I no get husband.”
Jesus tell her sey, “Na true you tok—wen
you sey you no get husband.

18. Di truth be sey, you don marry four
husband, and di man wey you dey wit
now—no be your husband. Wetin you tok na true.”

19. Di woman tok sey, “Oga, I see sey you be prophet.

20. Awa papa-papa-papa worship on top of
dis mountain, but una wey be Jews dey claim sey di place wey we must worship na for Jerusalem.”

21. Jesus con tok sey, “Madam, believe me, time dey come wen una go fit worship di Fada for anywhere—no be for only dis
mountain, or for Jerusalem.

22. Una wey be Samaritans dey worship
wetin una no know; we dey worship wetin we know; salvation na from di Jews.

23. But time dey come and di time sef don
reach, wen di real worshippers go worship di Fada in spirit plus truth, and na those kain worshippers wey Baba dey fyne.

24. Baba-God na Spirit, and hin worshippers must worship am inside spirit plus truth.”

25. Di woman con tok sey, “I know sey dat
Messiah (wey dem dey call Christ) dey
come. Wen he land, he go explain everitin to us.”

26. Naso Jesus tell her sey, “Na me be di

Di Disciple Come Meet Jesus

27. Hin disciples just show, con surprise sey he dey tok wit di woman. But no-pesin fit ask am sey, “Wetin you want from her?” or, “Why you dey tok wit her?”

28. Naso di woman leave her container of
water, con waka go back to town—dey tell
pipo sey,

29. “Make una come see one man—wey tell me everitin wey I don do. Abi na di Christ be dis?”

30. Dem come from di town—con fyne am
reach where he dey.

31. Naso hin disciples dey beg am, “Teacher, abeg chop sometin.”

32. But he tell dem sey, “I get food to chop
wey una no know about.”

33. Hin disciples con dey tok wit demsef,
“Abi pesin don bring food for am?”

34. Jesus tok sey, “My food na to do di will
of di Pesin wey send me, and to finish hin

35. Abi una no tok sey, ‘four more months
and harvest go reach’? But I dey tell una sey, open your eyes, see di farms! Dem don ripe for harvest.

36. Blessings dey for di pipo wey dey hustle for di harvest, and di fruit wey dem dey harvest na di pipo wey dem bring to
everlasting life; so dat both di planter plus di pipo wey harvest di fruit go happy togeda.

37. Na wetin make dis yarnings be true, ‘One pesin dey plant and anoda pesin dey harvest.’

38. I send una go reap wetin una no hustle
for. Odas don do di hustle, and una go gain
wetin dem hustle for.”

Plenty Samaritans Believe

39. Plenty Samaritans from dat town believe Jesus, becos of wetin di woman tok about am, “He tell me everitin wey I don ever do.”

40. So wen di Samaritans come meet am,
dem beg am make he stay wit dem, and he stay wit dem for two days.

41. And becos of Jesus message, plenty pipo turn to God-pipo.

42. Dem tell di woman sey, “We no believe you becos of wetin you tell us, but we don hear am by awasef, and we know sey dis man na really di Saviour of di world.”

Jesus Heal Di Bigman Pikin

43. Afta di two days, Jesus komot go Galilee.

44. (Now Jesus hinsef don tok sey, Prophet no dey get respect for hin own kontri.)

45. Wen he reach Galilee, di Galileans
welcome am. Dem bin see everitin wey Jesus do for Jerusalem—for di Passover Festival, becos dem bin dey for there.

46. He reach Cana for Galilee again, where
he bin turn water to wine. And e get one royal official wey hin son dey sick for Capernaum.

47. Wen dis man hear sey Jesus don reach
Galilee from Judea, he go meet am, con beg am make he come heal hin son wey wan kpeme.

48. Naso Jesus tell am sey, “Unless una see miracle signs plus wonders, una no go gree believe.”

49. Di royal official con tok sey, “Oga, make
you come now before my pikin go kpeme.”

50. Jesus ansa am, “Dey go your way; your
son go live.” Di man believe wetin Jesus tok—con dey go.

51. As he dey go for road, hin servant come meet am wit di news sey, hin son don dey live.

52. Wen he ask which time di pikin heal,
dem tell am sey, “Di fever komot yesterday
afternoon around one o’clock.”

53. Di royal official con know sey, na di
same time wey Jesus tell am sey, “Your son go live.” So he and all hin family believe Jesus.

54. Dis na di second miracle wey Jesus
perform, as he come from Judea to Galilee.


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