John Chapter 5

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Di Healing For Di Pool Side On
Sabbath Day

1. Lata-lata, Jesus go Jerusalem for di Jews Festival.

2. For Jerusalem, one pool dey for near di
Sheep Gate , wey dem dey call Bethesda—for Hebrew, and wey get five

3. Na for here plenty disabled pipo dey
always chill—blind pipo, pipo wey no fit
waka, pipo wey paralyze—and dem dey wait for di water to move.

4. E get one season wey angel dey always
enta di pool to ginger di water: any-pesin
wey first enta as di angel dey ginger di water, go heal from any disease wey e get.

5. One of dem dey for there, wey don dey
sick for thirty- eight years.

6. Wen Jesus see am dey lie down for there, and he con hear sey e don tey wey he don dey dat condition, he ask am, “You wan dey alright?”

7. Di man ansa am, “Oga, I no get any-pesin wey go carry me enta di pool wen di water dey move. As I dey try to enta, anoda pesin go first me enta.”

8. Naso Jesus tell am sey, “Stand up! Carry
your mat, and start to dey waka.”

9. Naso di man just heal; he carry hin mat,
con dey waka. Di day wey dis tin happun na Sabbath,

10. and di Jews con tell di man wey Jesus
heal sey, “Today na Sabbath, di law forbid
make you dey carry mat.”

11. But he ansa dem, “Di man wey heal me
tell me sey, ‘Carry your mat, con dey waka’ ”

12. So dem ask am sey, “Who be dis pesin
wey tell you sey, make you carry your mat,
con dey waka?”

13. Di man wey Jesus heal no even know
who heal am sef, Jesus don waka join di
plenty pipo wey dey for there.

14. Lata, Jesus see di man for di worship-place, con tell am sey, “See, as you don dey
alright so, make sure sey you stop to dey
commit sin, or sometin wey bad pass dis one fit happun to you.”

15. Di man komot, con go tell di Jews sey na Jesus heal am.

Life Tru Di Son

16. So, becos Jesus dey do all dis tins for
Sabbath, di Jews con dey show am pepper.

17. Jesus tell dem sey, “My Fada dey always work reach today, and me sef dey work.”

18. Becos of dis, di Jews con dey try more-more to kill am; no be only becos he break di Sabbath, but he dey even claim sey Baba-God na hin Papa, con make hinsef be like Baba-God.

19. Jesus ansa dem like dis: “I dey tell una di truth, di Son no fit do anytin by hinsef; he fit do only wetin he see hin Papa dey do, becos anytin wey di Papa dey do—nahin di Son sef go do.

20. Di Fada love di Son, and he dey show am everitin wey he dey do. Evensef, una go
surprise sey he go show am tins wey great
pass dis one.

21. Just as di Fada take dey raise di dead, con give dem life, naso di Son sef dey give life to any-pesin wey he like to give.

22. But di Fada no dey judge any-pesin, he
don put all di judgement for hin Son hand,

23. so dat everi-pesin go respect di Son just as dem dey respect di Fada—wey send di Son.

24. “I dey tell una di truth, any-pesin wey
hear my word con believe di pesin wey send me—get everlasting life, and Baba-God no go condemn am; he don cross from death to life.

25. I dey tell una di truth, time dey come, and di time sef don reach—wen di dead go hear di voice of di Son of God, and those wey hear am go live.

26. As di Fada get life inside hinsef, naso he don give di Son life inside hinsef.

27. And he don give am pawa to
judge—becos nahin be Man-pikin.

28. “No surprise becos of dis, time dey come wen everi-pesin wey dey for grave go hear hin voice,

29. and dem go come out—those pipo wey
don do good tin—go raise back to life; and
those pipo wey don do evil tin—go raise up
to receive judgement.

30. I no fit do anytin by myself; as I
hear—nahin I dey judge, and I dey judge wit
my church-mind, I no wan make body sweet me, but I wan make body sweet di Pesin wey send me.

Yarnings About Jesus

31. “If I tok about myself, una no go gree
believe me.

32. Anoda pesin dey—wey dey tok beta tins
about me, and I know sey di stuff wey he dey tok about me na true.

33. “Una don send pipo go meet John, and he tell una di truth.

34. No be wetin pesin tok about me nahin go give me levels; but I tok am so dat una go fit get salvation.

35. John na lamp wey dey burn—wey dey give light,and una choose to flex hin light small.

  1. I get yarnings wey get weight pass John words. Di work wey my Papa don give me to
    finish, and wey I dey do so—show sey na di Fada send me.
  2. And di Fada hinsef wey send me, don
    confam me. Una neva hear hin voice before, or see how He be,
  3. and hin word no dey live inside una,
    becos una no gree believe di pesin wey he send come.
  4. Una dey read di Holy- books well-well,
    becos una tink sey na wetin go make una get life wey dey last forever. Na dis be di part of di Holy-books wey tok about me,
  5. una still no come meet me to get life.
  6. “I no dey accept praises from men,
  7. but I know una, I know sey una no love Baba-God from una heart.
  8. I don come wit my Papa name, and una no accept me; but if anoda pesin come wit hin own name—una go accept am.
  9. How una go take believe—if una dey accept praise from unasef, and una no even try to obtain di praise wey dey come from only Baba-God?
  10. “Make una no tink sey I go carry mata
    put for una head for front of di Fada. Di pesin wey go carry mata put for una head—na Moses, wey una don put una hope on.
  11. If una believe Moses, una suppose
    believe me, he write about me.
  12. But since una no believe wetin he write, how una go believe wetin I dey tok?”


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