John Chapter 6

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Jesus Feed Five-thousand Pipo

1. Afta some time, Jesus cross go di far side of di big-river of Galilee (wey be di big-river of Tiberias),

2. and plenty plenty pipo follow am, becos
dem see di miracles wey he perform for sick pipo.

3. Naso Jesus climb up go di mountain, con sidon wit hin disciples.

4. Now di Jews Passover Celebration don
dey reach.

5. Wen Jesus look up con see as plenty
plenty pipo dey waka come meet am, he tell Philip sey, “Where we go fit buy bread for all dis plenty pipo to chop?”

6. He ask am just to test am, he don already know wetin he wan do for hin mind.

7. Philip ansa am, “Eight month salary no
go fit buy enuff bread for everi-pesin to chop!”

8. Anoda of hin disciple, Andrew—Simon Peter broda con tok sey,

9. “One boy dey for here wit five small bread and two small fish, but e no go fit reach all dis plenty pipo?”

10. So Jesus tok sey, “Tell di pipo make dem sidon.” Plenty grass dey for dat place, and about five thousand men wey dey for there—con sidon.

11. Naso Jesus carry di bread, afta he give tanks, he share am give hin disciples—wey con share am among di pipo wey sidon. Dem share di fish sef. Dem give everi-pesin as dem want.

12. Wen all of dem don chop—belleful, he tell hin disciples sey, “Gada di small- small bread wey dem chop- remain, make notin waste.”

13. So dem gada am, and twelve basket full wit small-small bread wey pipo chop-remain.

14. Afta di pipo see dis miracle sign wey Jesus do, dem start to dey tok, “True-true, dis man na prophet wey suppose come dis world.”

15. Jesus wey don know sey dem wan come make am king wit gra-gra—run go di mountain go stay again.

Jesus Waka On Top Of Water

16. Wen evening reach, hin disciples waka go di river.

17. Dem enta boat, con cross di water go Capernaum. By dis time, everi-where don dey dark finish, and Jesus neva come meet dem.

18. Heavy breeze start to dey blow, and di water con rough.

19. Wen dem don move di boat go far, dem see Jesus dey waka come near di boat, he dey waka on top of di water—and dia mind con dey cut.

20. But he tell dem sey, “Na me; make una no dey fear.”

21. Naso dem let am enta di boat, and sharp-sharp, di boat just reach where dem dey go.

22. Di next day, di plenty pipo wey bin dey di oda side of di river—con see sey na only one boat dey for there, and Jesus no enta am wit hin disciples, but di disciples bin go by demsef.

23. Naso some boats from Tiberias con land for di place where di pipo bin chop bread afta Jesus give tanks.

24. As di plenty pipo notice sey Jesus and hin disciples no dey for there, dem enta di boat go Capernaum go fyne Jesus.

Jesus Na Di Bread Of Life

25. Wen dem see Jesus for di oda side of di river, dem ask am sey, “Teacher, wen you reach here?”

26. Jesus ansa dem, “I dey tell una di truth, una dey fyne me becos una don chop bread belleful, no be becos una see miracle.

27. No dey hustle for food wey dey spoil, but hustle for food wey dey last forever—wey Man- pikin go give una, becos Baba-God don put seal for hin body.”

28. Dem con ask am sey, “Wetin we fit do, to do di work wey Baba-God want?”

29. Jesus ansa dem, “Na Baba-God work be dis: believe who he send.”

30. So dem ask am sey, “Which miracle sign you go show us—so dat we go see am, con believe you? Wetin you fit do?

31. Awa papa-papa-papa chop di manna for desert; as dem write am: ‘He give dem bread from heaven make dem chop.’ ”

32. Jesus tell dem sey, “I dey tell una di truth, no be Moses give una di bread from heaven, but na my Papa dey give di true bread from heaven.

33. Di pesin wey come down from heaven nahin be Baba-God bread, and he dey give life to di world.”

34. Dem con sey, “Oga, give us dis bread from now on.”

35. Jesus ansa dem, “Na me be di bread of life, any-pesin wey come meet me no go hungry again, and water no go hungry any-pesin wey believe in me.

36. But as I don tell una, una don see me and una no gree believe.

37. All those wey di Fada give me go come meet me, and I no go pursue any-pesin wey come meet me.

38. I don come down from heaven—no be to do my own tins, but to do di wish of Baba-God wey send me.

39. And di will of Baba-God wey send me nahin be dis—make I no lose any-pesin wey he don give me, but raise dem up until di last day.”

40. Na my Papa wish be dis; any-pesin wey look di Son, con believe am—go get life wey dey last forever, and I go raise am up for di last day.”

41. Wen dem hear am, dem start to dey halla for am becos he tok sey, “Na me be di bread wey come down from heaven.”

42. Dem tok sey, “No be Jesus be dis, Joseph pikin—wey we know hin papa and mama? How he go dey tok sey, ‘I come down from heaven’?”

43. Jesus con ansa dem, “Make una stop to dey grumble among unasef.”

44. “No-pesin fit come meet me, unless di Papa wey send me—drag am come meet me, and I go raise am up on di last day.

45. Di prophets write am sey: ‘Baba-God go teach all of dem.’ Any-pesin wey dey listen to di Fada and learn from am, dey come meet me.

46. No-pesin don see di Fada except di Pesin wey be from Baba-God; na only am don see di Fada.

47. I dey tell una di truth, any-pesin wey believe—get everlasting life.

48. Na me be di bread of life.

49. Una papa-papa-papa chop di manna for desert, but dem still kpeme.

50. But dis na di bread wey dey come down from heaven, wey man fit chop and he no go kpeme.

51. Na me be di living bread wey come down from heaven. If any-pesin chop inside dis bread, he go live forever. Dis bread na my flesh, wey I go give as sacrifice for di life of di world.”

52. Di Jews con dey argue among demsef sey, “How dis man go give us hin body make we chop?”

53. So Jesus tell dem sey, “I dey tell una di truth, unless una chop di flesh of Man-pikin, con drink hin blood—una no get life inside una.

54. Any-pesin wey chop my body, con drink my blood—get life wey dey last forever, and I go raise am up for di last day.

55. My flesh na real food and my blood na real drink.

56. Any-pesin wey chop my body, con drink my blood—go dey inside me and I go dey inside am.

57. Just as di living Fada send me, and I dey live becos of di Fada, so any-pesin wey chop me go live becos of me.

58. Dis na di bread wey come down from heaven. Una papa-papa-papa chop manna and dem kpeme, but any-pesin wey chop dis bread—go live forever.”

59. He tok dis tins as he dey teach inside di worship-place for Capernaum.

60. As dem hear am, many of hin disciples con tok sey, “Dis one na hard teaching. Who fit accept dis kain tin?”

61. As he notice sey hin disciples dey complain about wetin he tok, Jesus con tell dem sey, “Dis tin dey make una vex?

62. Wot if una see Man- pikin dey go up-up for where he bin dey before!

63. Na di Spirit dey give life; your human pawa no fit achieve anytin. Di words wey I dey tell una—na spirit plus life.

64. And some of una dey—wey no still gree believe.” Jesus don know f rom di starting—which one of dem no gree believe, and who go betray am.

65. He con still tok sey, “Nahin make me tell una sey, no-pesin fit come meet me unless na di Fada allow am.”

66. From dis time, many of hin disciples turn back, con fashi am.

67. So Jesus ask di twelve disciples sey, “Abi, una no go fashi me sef?”

68. Simon Peter con ansa am, “Oga, who we wan go meet? You get di word of everlasting life.

69. We believe and we know sey, na you be di Holy One of Baba-God.”

70. So Jesus ansa, “No be una I choose, di twelve? But one of una na devil!”

71. (He dey tok about Judas, di son of Simon Iscariot, wey dey among di twelve disciples, but he betray Jesus las-las).


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