John Chapter 7

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Jesus Teach For Di Festival Of

1. Afta dis, Jesus con dey waka around
Galilee, he no wan waka for Judea becos di
Jews dey fyne am to kill.

2. But wen di Jews Festival of Tabernacles
don dey reach,

3. Jesus brodas con tell am sey, “You
suppose komot from here go Judea, so dat
your disciples go fit see di miracles wey you dey do.

4. No-pesin wey wan be celebrity go dey
perform for one corner. As you dey do all dis ogbonge tins so, you suppose show yoursef to di world.”

5. Even hin own brodas no believe am.

6. So Jesus tell dem sey, “My time neva
reach; for una—any time dey right.

7. Di world no fit hate una, but dem hate me, becos I dey tell dem sey—wetin dem dey do na evil.

8. Make una dey go di Festival. Di right time neva reach for me to go di Festival.”

9. Afta he tok dis tin, he stay for Galilee.

Jesus Teach For Inside Di Worship-place

10. But afta hin brodas don go di Festival, he go there codedly sef.

11. Di Jew con dey fyne Jesus for di Festival, dem con dey ask, “Where dat man dey?”

12. Gist about Jesus con dey flow among di plenty pipo. Some of dem tok sey, “He be good man.” Some odas tok sey, “He no be good man, he dey play pipo wayo.”

13. But no-pesin fit tok about am come out, becos dem dey fear di Jews.

14. Wen di Festival don dey go on reach middle—nahin Jesus enta di worship-place, naso he start to dey teach.

15. Di Jews surprise, con ask sey, “How dis man take know all dis tins, as he no go school?”

16. So Jesus ansa dem, “No be me form all dis tins wey I dey teach. Dem come from Baba-God wey send me.

17. Any-pesin wey wan do Baba-God will, go know if my message na from Baba-God, or if I dey tok on my own.

18. Pesin wey dey tok on hin own, dey do am so dat he go fit get respect for hinsef, but pesin wey dey work to honour pesin wey send am—na man of truth; notin be lie about am.

19. Abi Moses neva give una di Law? But no one of una fit keep di law. Why una dey try to kill me?”

20. Di plenty pipo con ansa am, “Bad-spirit dey for your body, who dey try to kill you?” 21. So Jesus tell dem sey, “I do one miracle on Sabbath, and all of una dey surprise.

22. But, wen una dey obey Moses law to circumcise small pikin for Sabbath, una sef dey work on Sabbath day (even though di tradition of circumcision really start from di palee, and no be from Moses).

23. Now if una fit circumcise small pikin on Sabbath—to keep di law of Moses, why una con dey vex for me becos I heal pesin on Sabbath?

24. Make una stop to dey judge pipo di way dem look for outside, and make una judge well—wit una church-mind.” Abi Jesus Na Di Saviour?

25. By dat time, some pipo for Jerusalem con start to dey ask, “No be dis be di man wey dem dey try to kill?

26. Nahin dey tok for outside, and dem no fit follow am tok anytin. Abi di leaders don already gree sey nahin be di Christ?

27. But we know where dis man from come; wen Christ go come, no-pesin go know where he come from.”

28. So as Jesus still dey teach for di worship-place, he con tok sey, “Yes, una know me, and una know where I come from. I no dey here on my own, but Baba-God wey send me dey real. Una no know am,

29. but I know Am becos I come from Am, and Nahin send me.”

30. Wit dis one, dem con dey try to hollam for cloth, but no- pesin fit hollam becos hin time neva reach.

31. But many pipo among di plenty pipo still put dia faith on am. Dem tok sey, “Wen di Christ show, he go do plenty miracle pass wetin dis man don do?”

32. Di Pharisee hear di pipo dey tok dat kain tin about Jesus. Naso di chief priests and di Pharisee send officers go arrest am.

33. Jesus con tok sey, “I dey wit una for short time, and I go go meet di pesin wey send me.

34. Una go fyne me but una no go see me; and una no go fit come where I dey.”

35. Di Jews con dey reason wit demsef, “Where dis man dey plan to go wey we no go fit see am? Abi he wan go where awa pipo dey stay among di Greeks—to go preach to di Greeks?

36. Wetin he mean wen he tok sey, ‘Una go fyne me but una no go see me, and una no go fit reach where I dey’?”

Water Wey Get Life

37. For di last and greatest day of di Festival, Jesus stand up con dey halla wit loud voice, “If water dey hungry any-pesin, make he come drink.

38. Any-pesin wey believe in me—as di Holy-books tok, rivers of living water go flow from inside am.”

39. Wit dis, he mean di Spirit wey all those pipo wey believe am go later receive. Up till dat time, dem neva still receive di Spirit, since Baba-God neva give Jesus hin full levels.

Di Pipo Divide Becos Of Jesus

40. As dem hear wetin he tok, naso some of dem con tok sey, “True-true, dis man na prophet.”

41. Some of dem tok sey, “Nahin be di Christ.” Some odas con ask, “How di Christ go take come from Galilee?

42. Abi di Holy-books no tok sey di Christ go come from David family, and from Bethlehem—di town wey David live?”

43. So di pipo con dey argue among demsef becos of Jesus.

44. Some of dem wan hollam but no-pesin fit hollam.

Jewish Leaders No Gree Believe

45. Las-las, di officers go back to meet di chief priests, plus Pharisees, wey ask dem sey, “Why una no carry am come?”

46. Di officers ansa dem, “No-pesin don ever tok di way dis man take dey tok.”

47. Naso di Pharisees tok sey, “Una mean sey he don whyne una sef?”

48. “Abi any of di rulers or di Pharisees don believe am? 49. Lai-lai! Unless dis plenty pipo wey no know anytin about di law—curse dey for dia ahead.”

50. Nicodemus wey be among dem—wey don first go meet Jesus con ask,

51. “Abi awa law dey condemn pesin, wen dem neva hear am to know wetin he dey do?”

52. Dem ansa am sey, “Yousef come from Galilee? Reason am, and you go see sey prophet no dey come from Galilee.”

53. So all of dem con waka dey go dia house.


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