John Chapter 8

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Married Woman Wey Sleep Wit
Anoda Man

1. So Jesus go di mountain of Olives.

2. For early mor-mor, he show-face for di
worship-place, where all di pipo gada round am, and he sidon—dey teach dem.

3. Di teachers of di law, plus di Pharisees—carry one married woman wey sleep wit anoda man. Dem tok sey make she stand for dia middle.

4. Dem con tell Jesus sey, “Teacher, dem
catch dis married woman dey sleep wit
anoda man.

5. For di law, Moses tok sey make we stone dis kain woman. How you reason dis mata?”

6. Dem dey use di question as trap to fit hollam. But Jesus bend down, con start to dey write for ground wit hin finger.

7. As dem kontinu to ask am question, he arrange hinsef well-well, con tell dem sey, “If any one of una neva commit sin before, make he be di first pesin to stone her.”

8. He bend down—con dey write for ground.

9. Naso those pipo wey hear wetin he tok, start to dey waka komot—one by one. Di senior ones first komot, sote na only Jesus and di woman con dey for there.

10. Wen Jesus raise hin head up, he no see any-pesin except di woman. He con ask di woman, “Madam, where dem dey? No-pesin dey judge you again?”

11. She con ansa, “Oga, no- pesin.” So Jesus tell her sey, “Me sef no judge you. Dey go now, and make you komot your hand from sin.”

Jesus Words Na True

12. Wen Jesus follow di pipo tok again, he tok sey, “Na me be di light of dis world. Any-pesin wey follow me no go ever waka inside darkness. But he go get di light of life.”

13. Di Pharisees challenge am sey, “You see yoursef? You dey make-mouth about yoursef; your words no be true.

14. Jesus ansa dem, “Even if I tok about myself, my words na true. I know where I come from and I know where I dey go. But una no know where I come from, and where I dey go.

15. Una dey judge based-on man reasoning; I no go judge any- pesin.

16. But if I judge, my decision dey right becos I no dey alone. I dey stand wit di Fada wey send me.

17. For una own law, dem write am sey, e dey legit wen two pipo confam di same tin.

18. Na me be di pesin wey dey testify for mysef, my oda witness na my papa wey send me.”

19. Naso dem ask am, “Where your Papa dey?”Jesus con ansa dem, “Una no know me or my Papa. If to sey una know me, una for know my Papa sef.”

20. He tok all dis words as he dey teach for di worship-place—near where dem dey put offering, and no-pesin hollam becos hin time neva reach.

21. Jesus still tell dem sey, “I dey komot, una go fyne me, and una go kpeme inside una sin. Una no go fit come meet me for where I dey.”

22. Dis one make di Jews ask, “Abi he wan
kill hinsef? Abi na wetin make am tok sey,
‘Una no go fit come meet me for where I

23. He con tok sey, “Una come from ground; but I come from up. Una be from dis world; I no be from dis world.

24. I bin tell una sey una go kpeme for inside una sins; if una no believe sey I be who I tok sey I be, una go true-true kpeme inside una sins.”

25. Dem con ask am, “Who you be?” Jesus
ansa dem, “I be wetin I dey tell una since.”

26. “I get plenty tins to tok and to judge una. But una fit trust Baba-God wey send me, and I dey tell everi-pesin wetin hinsef tell me.”

27. Dem no understand sey he dey tell dem
about hin Papa.

28. So Jesus con tok sey, “Wen una don carry Man-pikin go up, na den una go know sey I be wetin I tok sey I be, and I no dey tok anytin on my own except wetin my Papa teach me.

29. Pesin wey send me dey wit me; he neva
fashi me, I always dey do wetin dey make hin belle sweet am.”

30. As he dey tok, many pipo con dey
believe am.

Abraham Pikin

31. Jesus con tell di Jews wey believe am
sey, “If una hold my teaching, una be my real disciples.

32. Una go sabi di truth and di truth go free

33. Dem con ansa am, “We be Abraham
pikin and we neva ever be any-pesin slave.
How you go con tok sey you go free us?”

34. Jesus ansa dem, “Any- pesin wey dey
commit sin na slave of sin.

35. Slave no get levels for inside family, but
di son get levels inside family forever.

36. So if di son set you free, you don really
free kpatakpata.

37. I know sey una be Abraham pikin, but
una wan kill me becos una no wan hear wetin I dey tell una.

38. I dey tell una wetin I don see for my Papa front, and make una do wetin una don hear from una Papa.”

39. Dem con ansa am, “Abraham na awa
papa.” So Jesus tok sey, “If una be Abraham pikin, una for do di tins wey Abraham do.

40. As e be so, una get am for mind to kill
me, becos I dey tell una di truth wey Baba-God tell me. Abraham no behave like dat.

41. Una dey do wetin una own papa dey do.” Dem con dey halla, “We be awa Papa pikin. Di only Papa wey we get na Baba-God hinsef.” Devil Pikin

42. Naso Jesus tell dem sey, “If Baba-God na una Papa, una for love me, becos I come from Baba-God. I no come on my own, but na Baba-God send me.

43. Why una no fit understand wetin I dey tok? Becos una no fit listen to my word.

44. Una belong to una papa—di devil, and una wan do di bad tins wey una papa want. He be killer from di starting, he no dey live inside truth, becos truth no dey inside am. Lie be like hin native language, he be liar and nahin be di papa of lies.

45. And becos I dey tok di truth, una no wan gree believe me!

46. Any one of una fit confam sey I don commit sin? If I dey tell una di truth—why una no wan believe me?

47. Any-pesin wey belong to Baba￾God—dey hear wetin Baba-God dey tok. Una no dey hear, becos una no belong to Baba-God.”

Wetin Jesus Tok Sey He Be

48. Di Jews ansa am, “Abi we no dey right if we tok sey you be Samaritan, and bad-spirit dey for your body?”

49. So Jesus tok sey, “Bad- spirit no dey for my body, I dey honour my Papa, and una no wan honour me.

50. I no dey fyne levels for myself; na Baba-God go give me levels, and nahin be di true judge.

51. I dey tell you di truth, if any-pesin keep my word, dat pesin no go ever kpeme.”

52. Nahin di Jews halla, “Now we don know sey bad-spirit true-true dey for your body! Abraham kpeme, even all di prophets sef die, but you dey tok sey if any-pesin keep your word, he no go ever kpeme.

53. You great pass awa papa Abraham? He die and even di prophets sef kpeme. Who you tink sey you be sef?”

54. Jesus ansa dem, “If I give myself levels, my levels no mean anytin. My Papa wey una tok sey be una God, nahin dey give me levels.

55. I know sey una no really know Am, but I know Am. If I tok sey I no know Am—I go be lie-lie like una, but I know Am and I dey do wetin he sey make I do.

56. Una papa Abraham-bin happy as he see sey my time go come; he see am and body sweet am.”

57. Di Jews con tell am sey, “You neva reach fifty years old, and you don see Abraham?”

58. So Jesus ansa dem, “I dey tell una di truth, I don dey, even before dem born Abraham!”

59. Nahin dem carry stone wan stone am, but Jesus dodge, con komot from di worship-place.


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