John Chapter 9

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Jesus Heal One Man Wey Dem Born

1. As he dey waka dey go, he see one man
wey dem born blind.

2. Hin disciples ask am sey, “Teacher, na
dis man sin or hin papa and mama sin—wey make am dey blind?”

3. Jesus con tok sey, “No be hin sin, or hin
mama and papa sin, but dis tin dey happun
so dat Baba-God work go fit show for hin

4. As long as na day, I must hustle di work
of di Pesin wey send Me. Night dey come
wen no man go fit hustle again.

5. As I dey di world so, na me be di light of
di world.”

6. As he tok finish, he spit for ground, he
form mud wit hin spit, con rub am for di man eyes.

7. Naso he tell di man sey, “Go wash
yoursef for di pool of Siloam”(dis word
mean ‘Sent’). So di man go wash hinsef. Hin eyes open and he start to dey see.

8. Hin neighbours plus those pipo wey bin
dey always see am dey beg—con ask sey,
“No be di man wey dey sidon dey beg be

9. Some of dem tok sey na di man. Some
oda pipo tok sey, “No, na pesin wey
resemble am.” But hinsef con tok sey, “Na
me be di man.”

10. Naso dem ask am sey, “How come your eyes con open?”

11. He ansa dem, “Di man wey dem dey
call Jesus, use mud rub my eyes. He sey
make I go Siloam go wash myself. So I go
Siloam go wash myself, and naso I start to
dey see.”

12. So dem ask am sey, “Where dis man
dey?” He con tok sey, “I no know.”

Di Pharisees Torchlight Di Healing

13. Naso dem carry di man wey bin blind go meet di Pharisees.

14. Di day wey Jesus use mud take open di man eyes—na Sabbath day.

15. So di Pharisee sef ask am as Jesus take open hin eyes. Di man ansa dem sey, “He put clay for my eyes, so I go wash myself, and I con start to dey see.”

16. Some of di Pharisees con tok sey, “Dis man no be from Baba-God, he no dey keep di Sabbath.” But odas ask sey, “How sinner go fit do dis kain miracles?” So dem con dey argue di mata.

17. Las-las, dem ask di blind man sey, “How you reason di mata? Na your eyes nahin open.” So di man tok sey, “He be prophet.”

18. Di Jews still no gree believe sey di man bin blind before, and sey he just start to dey see, until dem tok sey make pipo call di man papa and mama come.

19. Dem con ask hin mama and papa sey, “Na una pikin be dis? Nahin una tok sey bin blind wen una born am? How come he con dey see?”

20. Hin mama and papa con tok sey, “We know sey na awa pikin, and we know sey he bin blind wen we born am.

21. But we no know how he con dey see now, or who open hin eyes. Oya, make una ask am; he don mature reach; he go tok for hinsef.”

22. Hin mama and papa tok like dat becos dem dey fear di Jews, becos di Jews don already decide sey, any-pesin wey tok sey Jesus na di Christ—dem no go allow di pesin enta di worship-place again.

23. Na wetin make hin mama and papa tok sey, “He don mature reach; make una ask am.”

24. So again, dem still call di man wey bin blind. Dem tok sey, “Worship Baba-God becos nahin heal you so, but we know sey dis man na sinner.”

25. He con ansa dem, “Me I no know whether he be sinner or not, but wetin I know be sey, I bin blind, but now I fit see!”

26. Naso dem ask am sey, “Wetin he do you sef? How he take open your eyes?”

27. He ansa dem, “I don already tell una and una no gree listen. Why una wan hear am again? Abi una wan be hin disciples sef?”

28. So dem start to dey insult am sey, “You be hin disciple! But we be Moses disciples!

29. We know sey Baba-God follow Moses tok, but we no even know where dis man come from sef.”

30. Di man con ansa dem, “Una dey make me surprise! Una no know where he come from, and he open my eyes.

31. We know sey Baba-God no dey listen to sinners. He dey listen to good man wey dey do wetin he tok.

32. No-pesin don ever hear sey pesin open di eyes of man wey dem born blind.

33. If dis man no be from Baba-God, he no go fit do anytin.”

34. Naso dem con ansa am, “Dem born you inside sin; who be you to try to teach us!” Dem con push am go outside. Spiritual Blindness

35. Jesus hear sey dem don push di man komot, and wen Jesus see am, he con tell am sey, “You believe Man-pikin?”

36. Di man con ask am, “Who he be, Oga? Tell me so dat I go believe am.”

37. So Jesus tok sey, “You don see am now; nahin dey follow you tok so.”

38. Di man con tok sey, “Oga, I believe,” he con worship Jesus.

39. Naso Jesus tok sey, “I come dis world to judge, so dat blind pipo go see and pipo wey dey see—go blind.”

40. Some Pharisees wey dey there hear wetin he tok, con ask am, “Wetin, you mean sey we blind sef?”

41. Jesus con tok sey, “If una blind—una no go dey guilty of sin; but now wey una claim sey una fit see—una still dey guilty.”


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