Romans Chapter 1

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1. Dis letter na from Paul, servant of Christ Jesus, wey Chineke choose to be apostle, and to preach di good news.

2. Baba-God promise di good news before-before, tru hin prophets for di Holy books,

3. about hin son, wey be David pikin-pikin-pikin, based-on hin human nature.

4. And tru di Spirit of holiness, Baba-God declare Jesus to be hin Son wit pawa—as he raise up from dead.

5. Tru Christ, Baba-God don give us grace, and we don be hin disciples, to call all world-pipo, to obey Baba-God wit faith—for hin name. 6. Unasef dey among pipo wey we call to belong to Jesus Christ.

7. I dey write to all of una wey dey for Rome—wey Baba-God love, and wey he call to be holy-pipo: Grace and peace to una—from Baba-God awa Papa, and from Oga Jesus Christ.

Paul Really Wan Visit Rome

8. First of all, I dey use Jesus tank Baba-God for all of una, becos dem dey tok about una faith for everi-where for di world. serve wit my full heart—to preach di good news of hin son, nahin be my witness as I take dey always remember to call una name for my prayers,


10. I dey pray sey—by di will of Baba-God, make road clear for me to come see una las-las.

11. I really wan see una, so dat I go plant some spiritual gift—wey go make una strong kakaraka.

12. I mean sey, me and una go use each oda faith take ginger each oda spirit.

13. Brodas and sistas, I wan make una know sey I don plan to come meet una plenty times, but dem no gree me to come until now—so dat I go fit harvest spiritual fruits from una, just as I do wit di oda Gentiles [world-pipo].

14. My responsibility na both to Greeks and di rest of di world, both to pipo wey go school plus pipo wey no go school sef.

15. Nahin make my blood dey hot—to preach di good news to una sef—wey dey for Rome.

16. Shame no dey catch me about di good news of Christ, becos nahin be Baba-God pawa to save everi-pesin wey believe—first of all to di Jews, and den to world-pipo.

17. Baba-God dey show us goodness wey dey come from di good news, goodness wey be by faith—from starting to finish, just as dem write am sey, “Na by faith righteous [good] pipo take dey live.” Baba-

God Change-am-for Man

18. Baba-God dey vex from heaven—for pipo wey no-send-am, and wicked men wey dey press di truth for ground—wit dia wickedness,

19. becos di tins wey men know about Baba-God—don show inside dem, Baba-God don show dem korokoro.

20. Since Baba-God make di world, Baba-God beauty wey we no fit see, hin pawa wey dey last forever, and hin divine nature—pipo don see dem korokoro, con understand dem from di tins wey he make, so dat men no go get excuse.

21. Even though dem know Baba-God, dem no gree cut-cap for am as Baba-God, or give tanks to am, dia reasoning no con make-sense, and dia yeye heart con dark.

22. But dem claim sey dem get-sense, dem turn to mugu.

23. Dem exchange di glory of di everlasting God, wit image wey dem draw—of men wey dey kpeme, birds, animals wey get four legs, plus animals wey dey crawl for ground.

24. So Baba-God free dem to follow dia evil ways, wit dia heart wey dey tempt dem, so dat dem fit do mumu tins wit dia body—among demsef.

25. Dem exchange di truth of Baba-God—for lie, and dem worship and serve tins wey dem make, instead of Baba-God wey dem suppose praise forever. Amen.

26. Becos of dis, Baba-God fashi dem for di yeye tins wey dia eyes dey shuuk for. Even dia women fashi natural life. Instead, dem con go against nature.

27. Naso dia men sef take fashi di natural way of sex wit women, and dia mind con spoil—to dey climb demsef instead of women, and dem receive di punishment wey dem suppose get—for dia error.

28. And since dem no see sey e make-sense to keep di knowledge of Baba-God, he free dem to waka miss-road, and to do wetin dem no suppose do.

29. Dem brekete wit everi sin, dem don spoil, dem wicked, dem get ogboju, plus evil. Dem brekete wit jealousy, killing, kwanta, 419, badbelle and aproko.

30. Dem be tatafo, dem hate Baba-God, dem no get respect, dem dey buga, and dem too dey make-mouth; dem dey form new format to do bad tins; dem dey disobey dia mama and papa;

31. dem no get-sense, dem no dey loyal, dem no get human feelings, dem no get joy, and dem no dey sorry-for pesin.

32. Even if dem know Baba-God law—sey any-pesin wey do all those kain bad tins suppose kpeme, dem no only kontinu do all dis bad tins, but dem dey happy for oda pipo wey dey do those kain tins.


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