Romans Chapter 11

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Di Remaining Pipo Of Israel

1. I ask now: Abi Baba-God fashi hin pipo? At-all-at-all! Me sef be Israelite, Abraham pikin-pikin-pikin, from di tribe of Benjamin.

2. Baba-God no fashi hin pipo wey he know from di beginning. Abi una no know wetin di Holy- Books tok about Elijah—how he complain to Baba-God about Israel:

3. “Baba-God, dem don kill your prophets con tear your altar put for ground; na me be di last man standing, and dem dey try to kill me”?

4. And wetin Baba-God ansa am? “I don keep seven thousand men for myself, wey neva bow down to Baal.”

5. As e be den, naso e be sef dis time, some pipo still dey wey Baba-God choose wit grace.

6. And since na by grace, so no be by dia work again—if not, grace no go be grace again. But if na by works, no be by grace again—if not work for no be work again.

7. Wetin now? Israel neva get wetin dem dey seriously fyne. But di chosen ones don get am, and di rest of Israel no dey see [dem get coconut-head].

8. Dem write am sey: “Baba-God don give dem di spirit of jonzing, dem get eyes, but dem no fit see, and ears but dem no fit hear,” even reach today.

9. Naso David tok sey, “Make dia table turn to trap for dem, and hook for dia neck, make e be stone for dia way to make dem fall, and make e be punishment for dem.

10. Make dia eyes dark—so dat dem no go see, and make dia back bend forever.”

Branches Wey Dem Plant-join

11. Again I dey ask: Abi dem stagger sote dem fall? Tufiakwa! Instead, becos of dia fall, salvation don con meet world- pipo (Gentiles) —to make pipo of Israel jealous.

12. But if dia fall mean riches to world-pipo, and dia failure na riches to world-pipo, how much blessings go show, if Jews fully believe!

13. I dey follow una wey be world-pipo (Gentiles) dey tok. As e be sey na me be di apostle to world-pipo, I go give my job levels,

14. if I go fit ginger my pipo in any way, to make dem jealous, to save some of dem.

15. If as dem fashi Baba-God nahin con make di world settle wit Baba-God, wetin go con happun if dem gree—if no be life from di dead?

16. If di first fruit—dey holy, den everitin don holy be dat, and if di root dey holy, di branches sef go dey holy.

17. If some of di branches of Abraham tree don break komot, and dem don plant una join—wey be wild olive tree, and una follow dem share di root, plus good life wey di olive tree dey give,

18. so no dey make-mouth about dis branches, but If you dey make-mouth, remember sey—you no dey support di root, but na di root dey support you.

19. So make you tok sey, “Dem break branches komot—so dat dem fit plant me join.”

20. Ye s. Dem break branches komot—becos dem no gree believe, and una dey stand by faith. No dey feel-big, but fear God.

21. If Baba-God fit komot di natural branches, he fit komot you sef.

22. So make una dey reason di kindness and harshness of Baba-God: Harshness to those pipo wey disobey, but kindness to una, as long as una kontinu inside hin kindness: unless Baba-God go cut you komot.

23. And if dem con believe, Baba-God go plant dem join, Baba-God fit plant dem join again.

24. So, if dem cut you komot from natural wild olive tree, and against nature—Baba-God con plant you join hin olive tree, how much more Baba-God go ready to plant di natural branches join dia own natural olive tree!

Baba-God Salvation Na For Everi-pesin

25. Brodas and sistas, I no wan make una be olodo for dis deep-matas, so dat una no go dey feel-big: Israel no dey see well [dem get coconut-head small], until di full numba of world-pipo don receive Christ.

26. And so all Israel go get salvation, as dem write am sey: “Di Saviour go come from Zion; he go remove evil komot from Jacob.

27. And dis na my agreement wit dem, wen I go carry dia sins komot.”

28. Based-on di good news of Baba-God, Israel pipo na Baba-God enemies, and na advantage for world-pipo; but Baba-God still love dem as hin pipo, becos he choose dia papa-papa-papa.

29. Once Baba-God give pesin gift or wen he call pesin, he no fit change hin mind.

30. Just as Baba-God don sorry-for una now—wey no gree believe am before, becos Isreal no gree believe,

31. so now, dem sef no gree believe—so dat Baba-God go fit sorry-for dem, becos of how he take sorry-for una.

32. Baba-God don put all of dem inside disobedience, so dat he go fit sorry-for everi-pesin.

Praises To Baba-God

33. See as di riches of both wisdom and knowledge of Baba-God deep reach! E dey hard for us to understand hin judgement and hin ways deep well-well!

34. “Who don ever know Baba-God mind? Or who fit be hin adviser?”

35. “Who don ever first give to Baba-God, so dat Baba-God go need to repay am?”

36. Everitin come from Baba-God, and everitin dey exist by hin pawa, and for hin levels. Make Baba-God take di glory forever! Amen.


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