Romans Chapter 12

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Living Sacrifice

1. My pipo, becos of how Baba-God take sorry-for una reach, I dey beg una to give una body as sacrifice wey get life, wey holy, and wey dey sweet Baba-God—dis na di service wey make sense.

2. No dey follow di pattern of dis world, but upgrade yoursef by changing your tinking, so dat you go fit confam wetin dey good, and wetin Baba-God go accept, plus Baba-God perfect wish.

3. I sey, tru di grace wey Baba-God don give me to everi- pesin among una: make no-pesin reason hinsef pass di level wey e dey, but make e reason hinsef seriously, based-on di level of faith wey Baba-God don give everi pesin.

4. Just as all of us get one body wit many parts, and all di parts of awa body get dia own work wey dem dey do,

5. naso e be sef for Christ, we plenty, but we be one body, and everi member belong to each oda.

6. We get different gifts based-on di grace wey Baba-God give us. If man gift na to prophesy—make he prophesy as hin faith fit carry am reach.

7. If your gift na to serve—make you serve well-well: if your talent na to teach—teach pipo.

8. If your talent na to ginger pipo—ginger dem; if na to give—give wit open-heart; if your gift na to be leader—lead pipo well-well. If your gift na to sorry-for pipo, show dem kindness.


9. Fashi fake love. Hate evil tin and hold wetin dey good.

10. Make una reason each oda mata wit love like brodas. And make una respect one anoda.

11. No dey lazy for business, but make your blood dey hot spiritually, as you dey serve Baba-God.

12. Use happiness take dey hope, dey patient wen you get wahala, and kontinu to always pray.

13. Share wit God-pipo wey need epp, and make una take care of unasef well-well.

14. Bless those pipo wey dey show you pepper, bless pipo and no curse dem.

15. Jolly wit those pipo wey dey jolly; cry wit pipo wey dey cry.

16. Make una get one mind wit unasef. No dey carry-shoulder- up, but dey ready to mix wit pipo wey dey low-key. No dey form sey na you sabi pass.

17. No use evil take pay back evil. Respect di right tins for everi-pesin eyes.

18. If e dey possible, and if e dey under your control, try your best to live in peace wit everi-pesin.

19. My padi, no dey revenge for unasef, give chance make Baba-God fit para, dem write am sey, “Na me go revenge; I go repay,” naso Baba-God tok.

20. So, “If your enemy dey hungry—give am food chop; if water dey hungry am—give am drink. As you do like dis, you dey carry hot coal of faya put for hin head.”

21. No let evil win you, but win evil—wit good.


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