Romans Chapter 13

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Sempe For Di Leaders

1. Everi-pesin must obey di leaders. No pawa dey except na pawa Baba-God. And Baba-God nahin put leaders for dia position.

2. Any-pesin wey no obey leaders, dey disobey wetin Baba-God don stand, and those pipo wey do like dat—go receive punishment.

3. Govment, no dey attack pipo wey dey do di right tin, but na those wey dey do evil. If you wan free from govment wahala? Do di right tin, and dem go honour you.

4. Govment be like Baba-God servant wey suppose do beta tin for di pipo. Make fear catch you if you do evil, becos leaders get di pawa to punish you. Leaders na servant wey Baba-God send to punish pipo wey dey do evil.

5. So e good make we sempe for di leaders, no be sey becos dem go fit punish us, but becos of awa conscience.

6. Nahin make you dey pay tax. Dem dey serve Baba-God as dem dey do dia work everi time.

7. Give everi-pesin wetin you dey owe dem: if you dey owe tax—pay di tax; if na moni—pay di moni; if na respect—give respect; if na honour—give honour.

Love Na Di Koko Of Di Law

8. No owe any- pesin anytin—except to love one anoda,any-pesin wey love hin neighbour don do wetin di law want.

9. Di commandments nahin be dis, “No climb pesin husband or wife, no kill pesin, no steal, no lie for your neighbour head, no use ogboju,” and if any oda commandment dey, na di koko of all of dem be dis: “Love your neighbour as you take love yoursef.”

10. Love no dey do wrong tin to hin neighbour—so love na di koko of di law.

11. And do like dis; understand wetin dey happun. Time don reach wey una go soji [wake up] from una sleep, becos awa salvation don near pass as e be before—wen we first believe.

12. Di night don almost finish, di day don dey reach. So make we komot hand from di works of darkness, con wear di fighting-cloth of light.

13. Make we waka wit clean-heart—as if na day time, no be to dey flex and jogodo, or sex anyhow, or make body dey scratch you to do bad tin, or kwanta and jealousy.

14. Instead, wear Oga Jesus Christ for your body, and no reason how to do di bad tins wey your body dey scratch you to do.


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