Romans Chapter 14

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Why You Dey Judge Your Broda?

1. Accept pesin wey get weak faith, and no argue wit dem about tins wey dem tink sey dey right or wrong.

2. For example, one pesin believe sey e fit chop everitin, but anoda man wey no get strong faith dey chop only vegetable.

3. Make di man wey dey chop—no hate di man wey no dey chop. And make di man wey no wan chop, no judge di man wey dey chop. Baba-God don accept am.

4. Who be you to dey judge anoda pesin servant? Na hin oga go tok if he dey right or wrong. And he go stand, becos Baba-God fit make am stand.

5. One man believe sey one day holy pass di oda days; for anoda man eyes—everi day na di same tin. Make everi man dey fully convinced for hin heart.

6. Pesin wey believe sey one day special—dey do am for Baba-God, and pesin wey no reason am like dat—hinsef dey do am for Baba-God. Pesin wey dey chop—dey do am for Baba-God, since he give tanks to Baba-God before he chop am. And pesin wey no dey chop—dey do am for Baba-God, and he give tanks to Baba-God.

7. No-pesin dey live only for hinsef, and no-pesin dey die for only hinsef.

8. If we live, we live for Baba-God, and if we kpeme—we kpeme for Baba-God. So whether you live or die, we belong to Baba-God.

9. Nahin make Christ die—con raise back to life, so dat he go be di Oga of both di dead and di living.

10. So wetin make you dey judge your broda? Or why you con dey hate your broda? Na all of us go stand for front of Christ judgement chair.

11. Dem write am sey, “Di Oga tok sey, ‘As I surely dey live, everi knee go bow to me, and everi tongue go confess sey I be Baba-God.’”

12. So everi- pesin go explain wetin e use hin life do—to Baba-God.

13. So make we stop to dey judge awasef. Instead, reason sey you no go be stone wey dey make pesin fall—or sometin wey go make your broda fall.

14. I know, and I dey convinced by Oga Jesus, sey notin wey no dey clean on e own, but any-pesin wey believe sey sometin no dey clean, dat tin no go dey clean to am.

15. If your broda dey feel bad becos of wetin you dey chop, dat mean sey you no dey do sometin wit love. No let wetin you dey chop—spoil pesin wey Christ die for.

16. No let pipo tok bad about your own good.

17. Baba-God kingdom no be about chop-chop and drink- drink, but na about goodness, peace, plus happiness inside di Holy Spirit.

18. Baba-God go accept any-pesin wey dey serve Christ in dis way, and men sef go confam am.

19. So make we try awa best to do wetin go bring peace, and wetin go teach oda pipo.

20. No dabaru Baba-God work becos of food. Everitin dey pure, but e dey wrong for man to chop food wey go make hin broda fall.

21. E beta make you no chop meat or drink wine, or do anytin—wey go make your broda fall—or make am commit sin, or make am taya.

22. You fit believe sey wetin you dey do no dey wrong, but keep am between you and Baba-God. Blessings for di man wey no dey judge hinsef wit wetin he feel sey be di right tin.

23. But di man wey get two- mind don judge hinsef if he chop, becos hin faith no carry am to chop. And if you do anytin wey you believe sey no dey right, you don commit sin.


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