Romans Chapter 15

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Live To Make Odas Happy

1. We wey strong suppose epp those sme￾sme pipo wey dey fall, and no be only to dey do wetin we like.

2. Everi-pesin suppose do good to hin neighbour to epp am—and to teach am.

3. Even Christ no do wetin go make hinsef happy, but as dem write am sey: “Di insult wey pipo insult you—dey for my head.”

4. Everitin wey dem don write before-before—dem write am to teach us, so dat we go fit get hope tru patience, and di moral wey di Holy-books dey give us.

5. Make Baba-God wey dey give endurance, and comfort, give una one mind among unasef—based-on Christ Jesus.

6. So dat una go fit use one mind, and one mouth take praise, and give levels to di God and Fada of awa Oga Jesus Christ.

7. Accept unasef just as Christ don accept us, so dat Baba-God go get levels.

8. Now I sey Jesus Christ turn to servant of di Jews for Baba-God truth, to confam di promise wey Baba-God promise awa ancestors,

9. and so dat world-pipo go fit cut-cap for Baba-God, becos he dey sorry-for pesin, as dem write am sey: “Becos of dis, I go tok about you among world-pipo [Gentiles]; I go sing songs to your name.”

10. E still tok sey, “Oh world-pipo, make una rejoice wit hin pipo,”

11. E still tok sey, “Praise Baba-God, all una world- pipo [Gentiles], and make all di pipo shout hin praises.”

12. Isaiah still tok sey, “Di root of Jesse go rise up, And he go rise up to rule world- pipo; and world-pipo go put dia trust on am.”

13. Make di God of hope belleful una wit happiness plus peace—as una dey believe, so dat una go brekete wit hope—tru di pawa of di Holy Spirit.

Paul Na Di MinisterTo World-pipo

14. Brodas, mesef get full mind about una, sey una burku wit beta tins, una brekete wit all knowledge, and una fit teach unasef.

15. But I don write una wit full mind—to show una some points, to remind una again, becos of di grace wey Baba-God give me,

16. to be messenger of Christ Jesus to world- pipo [Gentiles]—wey dey preach di good news of Baba-God, so dat Baba-God go fit accept world-pipo offering—wey di Holy Spirit don make holy .

17. So I get reason to show myself inside Christ Jesus about Baba-God mata.

18. But I no go try to make- mouth about any of those tins wey Christ neva use me do—wit my words, or wit my works, just to make world-pipo obey,

19. tru di ogbonge signs and wonders, by di pawa of di Spirit of Baba-God—so dat from all round Jerusalem reach Illyricum, I don fully tok about di good news of Christ.

20. E don always dey for my mind to tok di good news—for where pipo no know Christ, or else I go dey build on top anoda man foundation.

21. But as dem write am sey: “Those pipo wey neva hear about Christ—go see, and those pipo wey neva hear—go understand.”

22. Nahin make my visit to una tey well-well, becos I bin dey preach for those areas.

Paul Plan To Visit Rome

23. But now I don finish my work for those areas, and I get am for mind to come see una—all dis many years.

24. I go con visit una any time I dey go Spain. I hope to see una as I dey go, so dat una go epp me for my journey go there—afta I don jolly wit una small.

25. But now I dey go Jerusalem go serve God-pipo.

26. Body sweet God-pipo for Macedonia and Achaia to contribute for di poor pipo wey dey among God-pipo for Jerusalem.

27. Body sweet dem to do am, and dem dey owe di Jews. Di Gentiles don share inside di Jews spiritual blessings, dem owe di Jews by sharing dia fisikal blessings wit di Jews.

28. So afta I don complete my work, and I don deliver dis gifts, I go come see una as I dey go Spain.

29. I know sey wen I come meet una, I go come meet una wit di blessings of Christ wey brekete.

30. My pipo, I dey beg una wit awa Oga Jesus Christ, and tru di love of di Spirit, make una struggle togeda wit me to pray to Baba-God for me.

31. Pray sey make Baba-God save me from unbelievers wey dey for Judea, and make God- pipo wey dey for Jerusalem accept my package.

32. So dat I go come meet una wit happiness by di will of Baba-God, and we go fit ginger awasef togeda.

33. Now make di God of peace dey wit all of una. Amen.


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