Romans Chapter 2

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Baba-God Good Judgement

1. Chai nnaa, so you wey dey judge anoda pesin no get any excuse, any way you take judge pesin, you sef dey condemn yoursef, becos you wey dey judge pesin—dey do di same tins.

2. We know sey Baba-God judgement against pipo wey dey do all those kain tins na based-on di truth.

3. Chai man, you dey reason dis tin, you dey judge pipo wey dey do those kain tins, and you still dey do di same tin, abi you tink sey you go fit dodge Baba-God judgement?

4. Abi you dey play wit hin kindness, tolerance, plus patience wey brekete, abi you no know sey Baba-God kindness suppose make you repent?

5. But becos of una coconut-head and una heart wey no wan gree change, una dey gada Baba-God punishment against unasef—for di day wen Baba-God go para, and wen he go show hin good judgement.

6. Baba-God “Go pay everi-pesin based-on wetin e do.”

7. He go give life wey dey last forever—to those pipo wey dey use patience kontinu to do beta tins to fyne glory, honour and everlasting life.

8. But Baba-God go vex and para for selfish pipo—wey no dey gree follow di truth, but wey dey follow evil way.

9. Wahala and palava go visit everi human being wey dey do evil tins: first of all to di Jew and den to world-pipo [Gentile];

10. But levels, honour, plus peace—go dey for everi-pesin wey do good: first of all for di Jew, and den for world-pipo.

11. Baba-God no dey do partiality.

12. Those pipo wey no know Baba-God law—go still receive dia punishment wit-out di law, and those pipo wey know di law, con commit sin—go receive dia judgement based-on di law.

13. No be those pipo wey hear di word nahin be beta pipo for Baba-God eyes, but those pipo wey obey di word—nahin Baba-God go confam as beta pipo.

14. Wen world-pipo wey no know Baba-God word—con naturally dey follow di word, even if dem no know Baba-God word—e show sey di word dey for dia mind.

15. Dem don confam sey Baba-God write hin law for dia heart. Dia conscience sef na witness, dia mind dey judge dem, and e dey tell dem if dem dey right or wrong.

16. One day dey come, wen Baba-God go use Jesus Christ take judge men secrets, as Baba-God word tok.

Di Jews And Di Law

17. Now, una wey call unasef Jew dey depend on di law, and una dey make-mouth about Baba-God.

18. If you know wetin Baba-God want, and you know wetin dey right, becos dem don teach you about Baba-God law,

19. if you dey sure sey you fit lead blind pipo, and you be light for those pipo wey dey for inside darkness;

20. you fit teach mumu pipo, you fit teach small-small pikin about Baba-God way, and you know di law, and di truth inside di law,

21. so, you wey dey teach oda pipo, you no dey teach yoursef? You wey dey preach sey make pipo no tiff? You dey steal?

22. You wey tok sey make pipo no climb anoda pesin husband or wife, you dey sleep wit anoda pesin husband or wife? You wey hate idols, you dey tiff from Baba-God church?

23. You wey dey use di law make-mouth, you dey disrespect Baba-God by breaking di law?

24. As dem write am sey: “Dem dey bad-mouth Baba-God among world-pipo becos of una.”

25. Circumcision make- sense if you dey keep di law, but if you dey break di law, e just be like sey dem no circumcise you at all.

26. If those pipo wey no dey circumcised, dey do wetin di law tok, abi pipo no go reason sey dem dey circumcised?

27. Pesin wey no dey circumcised fisikally, but wey dey obey di word—go condemn una, wey even though una get di law wey dem write, plus circumcision, una still dey break di law?

28. Pesin no be Jew if he only be Jew for outside, or he dey circumcised only for outside and fisikally,

29. but man na Jew for inside hin heart, and circumcision na for inside heart, inside pesin spirit; no be by di law wey dem write; na Baba-God go hail dat kain pesin, no be men.


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