Romans Chapter 3

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Baba-God Faithfulness

1. Wetin you dey gain as you be Jew, or wetin you gain as you don circumcise?

2. E plenty well-well! First of all, Baba-God don put us in charge of Baba-God word.

3. But what if some of dem no gree believe? Shey becos dem no gree believe—con mean sey Baba-God faithfulness don cancel?

4. Lai-Lai! Even if everi- pesin dey lie, Baba-God na true. As di Holy-books tok about am, “You go dey right wen you tok, and you go succeed wen dem judge you.”

5. But if awa life of sin con bring out Baba-God goodness wella, wetin we go tok? Sey Baba-God no dey fair as he para for us? (I dey reason am like human being.)

6. Lai-lai! If naso e be, how Baba-God fit judge di world?

7. Pesin fit argue sey, “If my life of sin dey promote Baba-God truthfulness, con add-join hin levels, why Baba-God go con still judge me as sinner?”

8. And some pipo dey bad- mouth us, by claiming sey we tok sey—“Make we do bad tins, to get good result?” Dem deserve dia punishment.

No-pesin Dey Good

9. Wetin we go tok las-las? Sey we beta pass oda pipo? No! We don already tok sey Jews and world-pipo, all of dem dey under sin.

10. As dem don write am sey: “No-pesin dey good, no single pesin;

11. no-pesin understand, no-pesin dey fyne Baba-God. 12. All of dem don fashi, all of dem be gbanjo; no-pesin dey do beta tin, no single one.”

13. “Dia throat na open graves; dia tongues na 419.” “Snake poison dey for dia lips.”

14. “Dia mouth brekete wit curses, and dem get sharp-mouth.”

15. “Dia leg dey fast to go shed blood; 16. scata-scata and suffer- head nahin burku for dia ways.

17. And dem no know di way of peace.”

18. “Fear of God no dey for dia eyes.”

19. Now, we know sey anytin wey di law tok, e dey tok am to those pipo wey dey under di law, so dat no-pesin go get excuse, and di whole world go dey guilty for Baba-God front.

20. Baba-God no go confam you as good pesin becos you dey follow di law; instead, na di law nahin even make us know about sin.

Goodness Tru Faith

21. But Baba-God don show us goodness, wey di Holy-books and prophets confam—wey no dey based-on keeping di law.

22. Dis goodness from Baba-God—dey come tru faith in Jesus Christ—to everi-pesin wey believe, no mata who you be.

23. Everi-pesin don commit sin, and dem no reach Baba-God levels again.

24. But dem don get oshofree goodness by hin grace—tru di salvation wey dey inside Christ Jesus.

25. Baba-God bring Jesus come—as sacrifice to pay for awa sin—tru faith inside hin blood, to show hin goodness to forgive sins wey we don commit tey-tey—tru di patience of Baba-God.

26. He do am to show hin goodness dat very time, so dat he go dey fair, and he go be di One wey dey turn sinners to beta pipo—wen dem believe in Jesus.

27. Wetin go con make us dey make-mouth? Notin. By which kain law? By di law wey dey based-on work? No, but na based-on faith.

28. We agree sey man go dey good based-on faith, and no be by keeping di law.

29. Abi Baba-God na di God of only Jews? Abi he no be di God of world-pipo sef? Yes, he be di God of world-pipo [Gentiles] sef.

30. Na only one God dey—wey dey make pipo pure only wit faith, whether dem be Jews or world-pipo.

31. Abi we go con cancel di law tru faith? No! True-true, na only wen we get faith we fit keep di law.


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