Romans Chapter 4

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Abraham Dey Good By Faith

1. Wetin we go tok now, about Abraham, awa papa—wetin he experience?

2. If true-true na Abraham works make am good, he get sometin wey he fit use make-mouth—but no be for Baba-God front.

3. Wetin di Holy-books tok? “Abraham believe Baba-God, and Baba-God count am as goodness.”

4. Now, wen pesin hustle, dem no go tok sey hin salary na gift, but na wetin hin oga owe am.

5. But pesin wey no work, but believe Baba-God wey dey forgive sinners—hin faith go count as goodness.

6. David tok di same tin—wen he tok about di blessings of one man, wey no be becos of hin work Baba-God count am as good man:

7. “Blessings for those pipo wey Baba-God don forgive dia sins, wey dia sins don cover.

8. Blessings for di man wey Baba-God no go ever count hin sin.”

9. Shebi dis blessing na only for di circumcised pipo, or for uncircumcised pipo sef? We don tok sey Abraham believe Baba-God, and becos of hin faith, Baba-God count am as good man.

10. So how Baba-God take count am as good man? Na afta he don circumcise, or before? No be afta, but na before he circumcise!

11. Abraham receive di sign of circumcision, to confam di goodness of di faith wey he get—even wen he neva circumcise, so dat he go be di papa of everi-pesin wey believe—even though dem no circumcise—so dat Baba-God go count am as goodness for dem sef.

12. Na Abraham sef be di papa of di pipo wey don circumcise, wey no only don circumcise, but wey dey waka for di road of faith—wey awa papa Abraham waka put—even before he circumcise.

13. No be t ru di law Abraham and hin pikin take receive di promise sey nahin go inherit di world, but na wit di goodness wey dey follow faith come.

14. If Baba-God promise na for only those pipo wey dey obey di law, faith no go make-sense, and di promise no go work,

15. becos Baba-God dey vex wen pipo break hin law—and where law no dey, sin no go dey.

16. So, di promise dey come by faith, so dat e go dey based-on grace, and so dat e go sure sey all Abraham pikin go receive am—no be only to those wey dey under di law, but to those pipo sef, wey get di faith of Abraham—wey be all of us papa,

17. as dem write am sey; “I don make you di papa of plenty nations.” He be awa papa for front of Baba-God wey he believe—wey dey raise di dead back to life, and wey dey call tins wey no dey before—as if dem don already dey.

18. Even wen hope no favour am, Abraham use hope believe, naso he take turn to di papa of plenty nations, just as Baba-God bin tell am sey, “Naso your pikin-pikin-pikin go be.”

19. As he no slack for hin faith, he no reason sey hin body don already dey kpeme—since he don reach around hundred years—and Sarah don dey old to carry belle.

20. He no still shake wit two-mind about Baba-God promise, but hin faith even strong more-more, and he praise Baba-God.

21. He get full mind sey Baba-God get pawa to do wetin he promise.

22. Becos of dis Abraham faith, Baba-God count am as good pesin,”

23. So no be only Abraham dem write di word for, “Baba-God count am,”

24. but Baba-God go count us sef as good pipo, if we believe am—wey raise awa Oga Jesus from di dead.

25. Dem kill am becos of awa sins, and Baba-God raise am back to life—so dat we go fit dey good.


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