Romans Chapter 5

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Peace Plus Happiness

1. So, as we don get pure-heart tru faith, we get peace wit Baba-God tru awa Oga Jesus Christ.

2. Na tru Christ we take get connection by faith, to enta dis grace wey we dey stand put, and we dey happy inside di hope of di levels of Baba-God.

3. No be only so, but we still dey jolly inside awa suffer- head, becos we know sey suffer- head go make us get patience,

4. and patience go give us character, and character go bring hope.

5. And hope no fit disappoint us, becos Baba-God don pour hin love inside awa heart—wit di Holy Spirit wey he don give us.

6. Wen we no-get-pawa, for di right time, nahin Christ kpeme for sinners.

7. E dey hard make pesin die for righteous man, but pesin fit manage die for good man.

8. But Baba-God show hin own love to us like dis: wen we still be sinners nahin Christ die for us.

9. How much more he go take save us from hin vex—since we don be good pipo tru di blood of Jesus.

10. If we don settle wit Baba-God—tru di death of hin pikin, wen we still be Baba-God enemies, he go surely save us—tru di life of hin Son.

11. And no be only dat one, we go still celebrate inside Baba-God—tru awa Oga Jesus Christ, wey don epp us settle wit Baba-God.

Death Tru Adam, Life Tru Christ

12. So, as sin take enta inside dis world wit one man, and death con enta wit sin, naso death take meet everi pesin, becos everi-pesin don commit sin.

13. Before di law come, sin don dey inside di world, but no- pesin know wetin sin be—becos law no dey.

14. Everi-pesin kpeme—from Adam time reach di time of Moses, even reach pipo wey no commit one single sin by breaking di law like Adam. Adam na sample of Christ wey go show.

15. But difference dey between di awoof gift and sin. Di sin of dis one man, nahin bring death to many pipo, how much more di grace of Baba-God, plus di gift by di grace of one man—Jesus Christ, go brekete for many pipo.

16. Again, di gift of grace, no be like di result of one man sin: Di single sin of Adam lead to judgement, but di free gift of Christ—dey lead to goodsness wit Baba-God, even though we dey guilty of plenty sins.

17. If di sin of one man—make death reign tru dat one man, how much more those pipo wey receive grace wey rekpete, and gift of goodness—go shine inside life, tru dis one man—wey be Jesus Christ.

18. And, as di sin of one man, Adam, dey bring judgement—wey condemn all men, naso tru one man goodness—di awoof gift—wey dey bring beta life, take reach all men

19. Just as di disobedience of one man make many pipo turn to sinner, naso di obedience of one man sef, go make plenty pipo good [righteous].

20. Baba-God give us hin law, so dat we fit know as we dey commit sin reach, but as sin burku, Baba-God grace con burku well-well.

21. So just as sin take rule over plenty pipo, con lead dem to death—naso Baba-God grace dey rule tru goodness—wey dey lead to everlasting life tru Jesus Christ awa Oga.


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