Romans Chapter 6

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Dead To Sin And Alive Inside Christ

1. Wetin we go tok now? Abi make we kontinu to dey commit sin so dat Baba-God grace go brekete?

2. Lai-lai! We don kpeme for where sin dey; how we go con live inside sin again?

3. Abi una no know sey all of us wey baptize enta Christ Jesus don baptize enta inside hin death?

4. E mean sey dem bury us wit Christ tru baptism—enta inside hin death, so dat as Christ take raise up from di dead tru di levels of di Fada, we sef go waka inside new life.

5. If we don gum-body wit Christ like dis—inside hin death, na sure-banker sey we go raise to life just like Christ.

6. We know sey awa old body don kpeme wit Christ, so dat awa body wey dey commit sin go komot kpatakpata, and so dat sin no go fit control us again.

7. Becos pesin wey don kpeme—don free from sin.

8. Now if we die wit Christ, we believe sey we go live wit am sef.

9. We know sey since Christ raise from di dead, he no fit die again; death no fit control am again.

10. He die so dat di pawa of sin go kpeme once and for all; but di life wey he dey live—he dey live am for Baba-God.

11. So reason yoursef as pesin wey don true-true die for where sin dey, but you dey alive to Baba-God—inside Christ Jesus awa Oga.

12. So make you no let sin control your body again—sote you go dey follow di evil tin wey your body dey scratch you to do.

13. No let any part of your body be instrument of evil—to commit sin, instead commit yoursef fully to Baba-God as pesin wey raise from di dead, and di different parts of your body—as instruments of goodness to Baba-God.

14. Sin no fit control you again, becos you no dey live your life based-on di law, but you dey live your life under grace.

Slave To Goodness

15. Wetin now? Abi we go dey commit sin becos we no dey under di law, but under grace? Tufiakwa!

16. Abi you no know sey wen you give yoursef to obey pesin as slave, you be di slave of anytin wey you choose to obey? You fit be slave of sin wey dey lead to death, or you fit choose to obey Baba-God—wey dey lead to beta [righteous] life?

17. But we tank Baba-God sey—even though una be servant of sin before-before, but una obey from una heart—di kain teaching wey una receive.

18. Una don free from sin, and una don turn to servant of goodness.

19. I dey use example from everi day life, becos una mind no fit carry am. Just as una bin allow unasef to be slave of sin, plus wickedness—wey lead to more wickedness. Now make you give everi part of yoursef as servant of goodness—wey dey lead to holiness.

20. Wen you be slave of sin, goodness no dey control you. 21. Wetin una gain dat time—from di tins wey dey make una dey shame now? Las-las, those tins dey make pesin kpeme!

22. But now wey you don free from sin, and you don turn to Baba-God servants. Na holiness be your gain—wey dey lead to everlasting life.

23. Di salary of sin na death, but Baba-God oshofree gift—na life wey dey last forever inside Christ Jesus awa Oga.


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