Romans Chapter 7

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Explanation from Marriage

1. Brodas and sistas wey know di law, una no know sey di law get pawa over pesin—wen di pesin dey alive?

2. For example, di law tok sey—married woman go dey wit her husband as long as he dey alive, but if her husband kpeme, di law don free her from dat marriage.

3. If she go marry anoda husband wen her husband still dey alive, dem go call her ashawo. But if her husband die, she don free from dat law. And she no be ashawo, even though she marry anoda man.

4. So my brodas and sistas, you sef don kpeme for where di law dey—tru di body of Christ, so dat you go belong to Christ wey raise up from di dead—and so dat we go fit produce beta work for Baba-God.

5. Wen we bin dey live inside awa old body of sin, di law ginger di bad tin wey dey for awa mind—wey con dey work to control members of awa body—to do evil tins wey dey lead to death.

6. But now, we don free from di law, we don die to di law wey bin dey tie us down, so dat we fit serve Baba-God, no be wit di old way of keeping di law wey dem write, but in di new way of life—inside di Spirit.

Di Law And Sin

7. Wetin we go tok now? Di law na sin? Lai-lai! True-true, I for no know wetin sin be—except tru di law. I for no know wetin e mean for my eyes to dey shuuk—if to sey di law no tok am sey, “No use ogboju.”

8. But sin use di chance wey di commandment give am—take produce everi kain ogboju reasoning. Wit-out law, sin don die.

9. Once upon a time, I bin dey alive wit-out understanding di law; but wen di commandment show, sin con get life, and naso I con kpeme.

10. And di commandment wey suppose bring life—nahin con true-true bring death.

11. Naso sin use di chance wey di commandment give am take play me wayo, con kill me—tru di commandment.

12. So di law dey holy, and di commandment holy, e pure and good.

13. Abi di law wey dey good don make me kpeme? Tufiakwa! But so dat pipo go know sin as sin, e produce death inside me tru wetin dey good, so dat tru di commandment, sin go fully be sin.

14. We know sey di law dey spiritual; but I dey fisikal, sin don buy me as e slave.

15. I no understand wetin I dey do, I no dey do wetin I wan do, but I con dey do di tins wey I no like to do.

16. And what if I do wrong tins, e show sey I don gree sey di law dey good.

17. As e be so, no be me dey do am, but na di sin wey dey live inside me.

18. I know sey no beta tin dey inside me (I mean inside my body). I get am for mind to do good, but I no fit do am.

19. Wetin I dey do no be di good tin wey I wan do; di evil tin wey I no wan do—nahin I con dey do.

20. Now if I dey do wetin I no wan do, no be me dey do am, but na di sin wey dey inside me—dey do am.

21. So I see sey e get one law wey dey work: Wen I wan do good, evil go show-face for there wit me.

22. For inside my heart—Baba-God law dey sweet me,

23. but e get anoda pawa wey dey inside me, and wey dey fight wit my mind. Dis pawa don turn me to di prisoner of sin—wey dey control my body.

24. Chai, see di kain sad man wey I be! Who go save me from di body wey go kpeme?

25. Tanks be to Baba-God tru awa Oga Jesus Christ! So, for my mind—I really wan serve Baba-God law, even though my body be slave of di law of sin.


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