Romans Chapter 8

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Life Tru Di Spirit

1. Now, we wey belong to Christ Jesus no go face any punishment—we wey no dey run tins based-on wetin awa body dey feel, but based-on di Spirit.

2. Becos di law of di Spirit of life inside Christ Jesus—don free me from di law of sin plus death.

3. Wetin di law of Moses no bin get pawa to do, becos sin don make am no-strong again, nahin Baba-God do, by sending hin own Son like man wey dey commit sin, as sacrifice for sin. Naso he condemn sin for inside man body.

4. He do am so dat we wey no dey live based-on di way of sin, but based-on di Spirit, go fit get di goodness wey dey based-on di law.

5. Those pipo wey dey live based-on di sin wey dia body want—don fix dia mind on evil tins; but those pipo wey dey live di life of di Spirit, dey put dia mind for wetin di life of di Spirit love.

6. If you let your mind of sin control you, you go kpeme. But if you put your mind on di Spirit, you go get life plus peace.

7. Di mind wey sin dey control—no like Baba-God mata. E no dey gree follow Baba-God law, e no fit try am.

8. Those pipo wey sin dey control no fit make Baba-God happy.

9. If di Spirit of Baba-God dey live inside you, na di Spirit dey control you—no be di mind of sin. And remember sey if any-pesin no get di Spirit of Christ, he no belong to Christ.

10. And if Christ dey inside you, your body don kpeme becos of sin, but di Spirit dey alive becos you don dey holy wit Baba-God.

11. But if di Spirit of Baba-God wey raise Jesus from grave—dey live inside you. And just as Baba-God raise Christ up from di dead, he go ginger your human body—wit di same Spirit wey dey live inside you.

12. So brodas and sistas, make we no dey owe awa body anytin—to dey follow di way of sin wey dey tortori di body.

13. So, if you dey allow your body commit sin, you go kpeme, but if you dey live based-on di Spirit, you don kill di bad- bad tins wey your mind dey push you to do, and you go live.

14. Na everi-pesin wey dey follow di Spirit of Baba-God, be Baba-God pikin.

15. So you no receive Spirit wey turn you to slave of fear, but you receive di Spirit wey make you be hin pikin—wey we take dey halla, “Abba, Fada.”

16. Di Spirit esef—dey confam wit awa spirit—sey we be Baba-God pikin.

17. If we be hin pikin, di tins wey belong to hin pikin—belong to us, di tins wey belong to Baba-God—belong to us, and wetin belong to Christ—belong to us sef; if we true-true share inside hin suffer-head, we must share inside hin levels.

Glory Wey Dey Come

18. I dey reason sey di suffer-head wey we dey face now, no reach di levels wey Baba-God go show us las-las.

19. Everitin wey B a b a – G o d make—seriously dey wait for Baba-God pikin to show-face.

20. But di creation con experience some fraustration, no be on e own, but becos of Baba-God wey wish am to be like dat—but wit hope,

21. becos di creation esef go still free from death and to rotten—enta di glorious freedom of Baba-God pikin.

22. We know sey everitin wey Baba-God make don dey cry togeda—up till dis time, like cry of woman wey dey born pikin.

23. No be only dat, even we awasef wey get di first fruit of di Spirit, dey cry inside awa heart—as we seriously dey wait for di time wen Baba-God go count us join hin Sons, and di salvation of awa body.

24. We receive salvation inside dis hope, but hope wey pesin dey see no be hope. Why pesin go still dey hope on wetin he dey see?

25. But if we hope for wetin we neva get, we go use patience wait for am.

26. Naso di Spirit dey epp us wen we no-strong. Sometimes, we no know wetin we suppose pray for, but di Spirit hinsef dey epp us pray wit deep sounds wey words no fit explain.

27. And Baba-God wey dey look awa heart—know di mind of di Spirit, becos di Spirit dey pray for God-pipo based-on Baba-God wish.

We Pass Pesin Wey Win

28. And we know sey everitin dey work togeda to make tins beta for those pipo wey love Baba-God—di pipo wey Baba-God don choose based-on hin plan for dem.

29. Those pipo wey Baba-God don know tey-tey, he plan dia destiny—so dat e go fit blend inside di image of hin Son, so dat Christ go be di first born among many brodas [and sistas].

30. And he call those pipo wey he plan dia destiny; and those pipo wey he call—he make dem good; and di pipo wey he turn to good pipo—he give dem levels.

31. Wetin we go con tok about dis tins? If Baba-God dey wit us, who fit dey against us?

32. Baba-God wey no keep hin Son, but he sacrifice am for us—how he no go con give us everitin wey we want as awoof, along wit Christ?

33. Who fit drag mata wit pipo wey Baba-God don choose? Na Baba-God dey make pesin good.

34. Who be dat wey get liver to judge us? Na Christ Jesus wey die, wey still raise up, and nahin sidon wit levels for di right hand of Baba-God—dey pray for us.

35. Who fit separate us from di love of Christ? Abi na wahala, or na suffer-suffer, or wen dem show us pepper, or hunger, or nakedness, or palava, or wen dem threaten to kill us?

36. As dem write am sey, “Becos of you we don face death everi day; dem see us as sheep wey dem wan go kill.”

37. No! For inside everitin—we get full victory, tru Christ wey love us.

38. I dey sure sey no be even death or life, or angels, or govments, or pawas, or tins wey dey reign now, or tins wey go come.

39. Notin wey high or low, or anytin wey Baba-God make, go fit separate us from Baba-God love—wey dey inside Christ Jesus awa Oga.


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