Romans Chapter 9

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Baba-God Pesina Choice

1. I dey tell una di truth inside Christ, and I no dey lie, my conscience na my witness tru di Holy Spirit.

2. My heart dey feel sad wella, and I dey always feel pain for my heart.

3. I wish sey dem fit curse me komot from Christ, if na wetin go save my brodas and sistas wey be Jews.

4. Dem be di pipo of Israel. Na dem Baba-God choose as hin pikin; na dem Baba-God show hin levels, na dem Baba-God make agreement wit, na dem receive di law, di worship, and di promises.

5. Na dem get di ancestors wey Christ from come—wey be God over everi-everi—wey dem dey praise forever! Amen.

6. Abi Baba-God don fail to fulfil hin promise to hin pikin? No, no be everi-pesin wey get hin root from Israel nahin be God-pipo.

7. No be all Abraham children really-really be Abraham children. Instead, “Na tru Isaac dem go count Abraham pikin.

8. Nahin be sey—Baba-God pikin no be by flesh and blood, but na di pikin of di promise—dem go count as Abraham pikin.

9. Na di words of di promise be dis: “By dis time next year, I go come back and Sarah go born man-pikin.”

10. And no be only dat, Rebecca get-belle for awa papa—Isaac.

11. But before dem born di children, or before dem do anytin good or bad—so dat based-on Baba-God choice, hin plan go stand—wey no be by works, but based-on Him wey dey call pipo.

12. Dem tell her sey, “Di senior one go serve di junior one.”

13. Just as dem write am sey, “Jacob nahin I love, but I hate Esau.”

14. Wetin we go con tok now? Sey Baba-God no dey good? Lai-lai!

15. He tell Moses sey, “I go sorry-for who I wan sorry-for, and I go show kindness to who I wan show am to.”

16. No be based-on awa pawa, or as we take hustle reach, but na based-on how Baba-God wan take sorry-for pesin.

17. Di Holy-books tok sey—Baba-God tell Pharaoh sey: “I don bring you up for dis tin wey I wan do—so dat I go fit show my pawa inside you, and so dat pipo go tok about my name for everi- where for di earth.”

18. Baba-God dey sorry-for who he wan sorry-for, and he go give ‘stubborn heart’ to pipo wey he want.

19. So you fit tok sey: “Why Baba-God still dey blame us? Who fit sey he no go do wetin Baba-God wan make he do?

20. Haba! who you be, to dey argue wit Baba-God? “Abi wetin pesin make wit hin hand—fit tell am sey, ‘Why you make me like dis?

21. Abi di artist no get di right to use di clay make special artwork, or use di clay make ordinary artwork?

22. What if Baba-God wan show hinsef as he dey vex, and hin pawa—con use patience endure di pesin wey he dey para for.

23. And so dat he go fit show as hin levels burku reach for di pesin wey he wan sorry-for—wey he don prepare down for glory tey-tey,

24. even us wey he don call, no be only from di Jews—but from world-pipo sef?

25. As he tok for di book of Hosea, “I go call dem wey no be my pipo—’my pipo’, and I go call her wey no be my love—’my love.’ ”

26. “And e go happun for dat very place where dem tell dem sey, ‘Una no be my pipo.’ Na for there dem go call dem ‘sons of di living God.’”

27. Isaiah sef cry out becos of Israel: “Even though di numba of pipo of Israel be like sand-sand for big-river, na only those wey remain—go dey saved.

28. Baba-God go judge di earth fully kpakpakpa.

29. As Isaiah tok before- before: “If to sey di Oga kpatakpata no keep awa pikin, we for be like Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Israel No Gree Believe

30. Wetin we go tok? Baba-God don count world-pipo as good pipo—becos dem believe wit faith, even if dem no dey try to follow di law.

31. But Israel wey follow di law to be good pipo—neva still be good pipo based-on di law.

32. Why? Becos dem dey try to be good pipo by keeping di law, instead of having faith in Baba-God. So dem kick di stone wey make dem stagger.

33. As dem write am sey, “See, I don put stone for Zion wey men go kick—con stagger, and rock wey go make dem fall. But shame no go ever catch pesin wey believe in am.”


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