1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 15

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As Christ Take Rise Up

1. Now, brodas, I dey tell una about di good news wey I preach to una before—wey una receive, and wey una don stand put,

2. wey save una—if una keep wetin I preach to una for mind—unless una believe for notin.

3. First of all, I don give una di message wey I receive sef—sey Christ die for awa sins as di Holy-books tok,

4. dem bury am, and he raise up for di third day, as di Holy- books tok. 5. He show-face to Peter, and to di eleven disciples.

6. Afta dat, he show-face to more dan five hundred of di brodas at di same time, many of dem still dey alive, even though some of dem don sleep.

7. Afta dat, he show-face to James, and to all di apostles,

8. and las-las he show-face to me sef, even though I be like pesin wey dem no born for di right time.

9. Na me be di smallest of di apostles, and I no even get level reach make dem call me apostle, becos I show di church pepper.

10. But anytin wey I be now, na by di grace of Baba-God—and no be in vain. I don hustle pass all di apostles; but no be me—na di grace of Baba-God wey dey wit me.

11. So whether I preach, or dem preach. We dey preach di same message to una—wey una don already believe so.

Di Dead Go Raise Up Again

12. But if dem preach sey Christ don raise up from di dead, how come some of una dey tok sey pipo wey don die no go raise up again?

13. If pipo wey don die no go raise up again , dat means—even Christ no raise up.

14. And if Christ no raise up, awa preaching no make sense, and naso una faith dey useless;

15. so we apostles—go dey lie about Baba-God, becos we don tok about Baba-God—sey he raise Christ from di dead. But dat message no go be true, if di dead no go raise up.

16. If di dead no go raise up again, Christ sef no raise up.

17. If Christ no raise up, una faith na in vain, and una still dey live inside sin.

18. Den those pipo wey sleep inside Christ, don lose kpatakpata.

19. If na only for dis life we get hope for Christ, dat mean sey na we dem suppose pity pass—among all men.

20. But now, Christ don raise up from di dead, and nahin be di first to confam sey those pipo wey don sleep—go raise back to life.

21. Since na tru one man death take come, na one man sef go make pipo raise up from di dead.

22. Since wit Adam everi- pesin kpeme, so wit Christ—everi- pesin go get life.

23. But na turn by turn; Baba-God first raise Christ, den wen he come, those pipo wey belong to am—go raise up. una.

24.Den di end go reach, wen Christ go handover di kingdom—to Baba-God di Fada, afta he don scata everi pawa, govment, and authority.

25. Christ must reign until he don put all hin enemies under hin leg.

26. Di last enemy wey go fall—na death.

27. Di Holy-books tok sey, “Baba-God don put everitin under Christ pawa.” (Now wen e tok sey “Everitin” don dey under Christ, e dey clear sey he no add Baba-God hinsef join, wey put everi-everi under Christ.)

28. Wen he don do dis tins, den di Son go put hinsef under Baba-God pawa, so dat Baba-God wey put everitin under am, go be di Oga kpatakpata of everi- everi.

29. Now, if dead pipo no go raise up again, why pipo con dey baptize for di dead? If di dead no go rise up at all, why pipo dey baptize for di dead?

30. And as for us, why we con dey put awa life for danger everi hour?

31. I swear brodas , I dey face death everi day, just as e sure sey I dey make-mouth for wetin Christ Jesus awa Oga, don do for

32. Wetin I gain, if I follow wild animal fight for Ephesus becos of my own reason? And if di dead no go raise up again, “Make we chop, and make we drink, becos tomorrow we go die.”

33. No dey whyne yoursef, “ Bad padi dey spoil beta character.”

34. Reason di right tins, and stop to dey do bad tin; some of una no know Baba-God—I dey tok all dis tins make shame catch una.

35. But pesin fit ask sey, “How di dead go take raise up? Which kain body dem go take come?”

36. Chai, see mumu! Wetin you plant no get life unless e die.

37. Wen you plant, you no dey plant di body wey go grow, but na just seed, maybe wheat or any oda seed.

38. But Baba-God dey give am body as he like, and he dey give everi seed e own body.

39. All body no be di same: Men get dia own body, animals get dia own, birds get dia own, and fish sef get dia own body.

40. Heavenly body sef dey, and earth body sef dey; but di beauty of heavenly body different from di beauty of earth body.

41. Di sun get e own levels, di moon get e own levels, di stars sef get dia own, and even star different from star for levels.

42. Naso e go be wen di dead go raise up. Di body wey we plant as we die—go spoil, but wen e raise up, e no go fit kpeme.

43. Dem bury awa body wit no levels, but e go raise up wit levels; dem bury awa body wey no-strong, but e go raise up wit pawa.

44. Dem bury us as natural body, but we go raise up as spiritual body. Natural body dey, and spiritual body sef dey.

45. So dem write sey: “Dem make di first man, Adam, as living being.” Di last Adam, wey be Christ—na spirit wey dey give life.

46. Di natural body nahin come first, and di spiritual body dey come later.

47. Di first man—na from dust of di earth, di second man na di Oga from heaven.

48. Men from earth be like pipo from earth, and di pesin from heaven, be like di pipo of heaven sef.

49. And just as we be like men from earth—naso we go be like di pipo from heaven.

50. I dey tell una, brodas, awa flesh and blood no fit claim Baba-God kingdom, or make wetin dey kpeme—claim wetin dey last forever.

51. See, I go tell una one deep-mata: No be everi-pesin go kpeme, but all of us go change form.

52. E go happun like flash, as eye dey blink, for di last trumpet. Di trumpet go sound, di dead go raise up to live forever, and we wey dey alive go change form.

53. Awa body wey fit spoil—go change form to body wey no fit spoil, and awa body wey fit kpeme go change form to everlasting body.

54. And wen awa body wey fit spoil don change form to body wey no fit spoil, and awa body wey fit kpeme—don change form to everlasting body. Na den di words wey dem bin write, go come to pass: “Victory don swallow death.”

55. “Haba, death, where your weapon dey? Chai, death, where your victory?”

56. Di weapon of death na sin, and di pawa of sin na law.

57. But tanks be to Baba-God—wey dey give us victory, tru awa Oga Jesus Christ!

58. So my dear, stand well-well—wit no-shaking. Make Baba-God work always brekete for your life, becos you know sey your work for Baba-God no be in vain.


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