1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 1

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1 Dis letter na from Paul, wey Jesus Christ call to be hin apostle—by di will of Baba-God and from awa broda Sosthenes,

2. I dey write to di church of Baba-God wey dey for Corinth, to those wey Baba-God call to be hin holy-pipo tru Christ Jesus, togeda wit everi-pesin for everi- where—wey dey call di name of Oga Jesus Christ—dia Oga and awa Oga:

3. Grace and peace to una from Baba-God awa Papa, and Oga Jesus Christ.


4. I dey always tank Baba-God for una, becos of di grace wey una get—as una belong to Jesus Christ;

5. sey for inside everitin, he don make una rich—for inside yarnings, and to know everitin.

6. becos una don confam di words of Christ inside una.

7. So, una no dey lack any spiritual gift, as una dey wait for awa Oga Jesus Christ—make he show-face.

8. He go keep una strong kakaraka, reach di end, so dat una no go get any error—on dat day wen awa Oga Jesus Christ go

9. Baba-God dey faithful—di God wey call una to rub-mind wit hin Son, Jesus Christ awa Oga.

Scata-scata For Inside Church

10. I dey beg una, brodas, wit di name of awa Oga Jesus Christ, make all of una gree wit each oda, so dat seperation no go dey among una, and so dat una go get one mind, and di same reasoning.

11. My brodas, some pipo from Chloe house don tell me sey, una dey quarrel wit unasef.

12. Na wetin I mean be dis; One of una go tok sey, “I dey follow Paul,” anoda one go tok sey, “I dey follow Apollos,” anoda pesin go tok sey, “I dey follow Cephas”; and anoda pesin go still tok sey, “I dey follow Christ.”

13. Abi Christ dey divided? Abi dem hang Paul for cross for una? Abi dem baptize una wit Paul name?

14. I dey tank Baba-God sey I no baptize anyone of una apart from Crispus and Gaius.

15. So none of una go fit tok sey, dem baptize una wit my name.

16. (Yes, I baptize Stephanas family sef; apart from dat one, I no know whether I baptize any oda pesin).

17. Christ no send me make I con baptize pipo, but to preach di good news—no be wit big-big gramma, unless di cross of Christ no go get any pawa.

Christ Na Di Wisdom And Pawa Of Baba-God

18. Di message of di cross na yeye tin for pipo wey dey kpeme, but di message na Baba-God for those wey Baba-God dey save.

19. Dem write am sey: “I go scata di wisdom of wise pipo; and I go dabaru di sense of di pipo wey get-sense.”

20. Where di wise man dey? Where di pipo wey go school? Where di pipo wey dey reason life mata? Abi Baba-God neva turn di wisdom of dis world to yeye tin?

21. Since di world no fit sabi Baba-God wisdom wit dia wisdom, body sweet Baba-God wit di yeye message wey men bin dey preach to save pipo wey believe.

22. Di Jews bin dey ask for miracle sign, and di Greeks dey fyne wisdom,

23. but we dey preach Christ wey dem nail for cross: di message na stone for di Jews way to make dem fall, and na yeye tin to di world-pipo [Gentiles].

24. But for those pipo wey Baba-God don call—both Jews and Greeks, Christ na di pawa and wisdom of Baba-God.

25. Di kolomentality of Baba-God— beta pass man wisdom, and Baba-God weakness—strong pass man strength.

26. My bros and sistas, reason wetin you be wen Baba-God call you. For men level, many of una bin no wise; many of una no get levels, many of una no be ajebuta.

27. But Baba-God don choose di mumu tins of dis world—take confuse wise pipo. Baba-God choose tins wey no strong for dis world—take shame di pawaful tins.

28. Baba-God choose ordinary tins of dis world, and di tins wey pipo don fashi, and tins wey no dey before—take change di tins wey don already dey,

29. so dat no-pesin go feel big for where Baba-God dey.

30. Na becos of am you belong to Christ Jesus, wey turn to wisdom for us—from Baba-God—nahin be awa goodness, holiness, plus salvation.

31. So, as dem don write am sey: “Make any-pesin wey wan make-mouth—dey make-mouth inside di Oga.”


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