1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 10

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Warning From Israel History

1. Brodas, I no wan make una forget about awa ancestors for desert. One cloud wey dey lead dem for dia front nahin guard dem, and all of dem waka tru di big-river for dry ground.

2. All of dem baptize as Moses followers for inside di cloud, and inside di big-river.

3. All of dem chop di same spiritual food, 4. and dem drink di same spiritual water; dem drink from di spiritual rock wey dey follow dem, and dat rock na Christ.

5. But, Baba-God no bin dey happy wit plenty of dem; dia body con scata-scata for desert.

6. Now, dis tin happun as example for us—make body no scratch us to do evil tins as dem do.

7. No worship idols, as some of dem do; as dem write am sey, “Di pipo sidon chop, con drink, and dem flex like world- pipo.”

8. Make we no dey sex- anyhow as some of dem do—and only for one day, twenty-three thousand of dem die.

9. And make we no test Christ as some of dem do—and snakes kill dem. 10. Make una no grumble as some of dem do—and angel of death con kill dem.

11. Now all dis tins happun to dem—as examples for us, and dem write am down—as warning for us—wey dey live for dis end time.

12. And if you tink sey you stand gidigbam, stand well-well make you no fall!

13. No temptation wey you dey face—pass di one wey oda pipo dey face. And Baba-God dey faithful; he no go let you face temptation—wey pass wetin you fit carry. If you face temptation, Baba-God go show you way—wey you go fit take stand.

Party Of Idol And Di Evening- food Of Jesus

14. So, my dear padi, make una komot hand from idol worship.

15. Na pipo wey get-sense I dey follow tok; judge unasef—if wetin I dey tok na true.

16. Abi di cup of tanks-giving wey we take dey give tanks no be part of sharing di blood of Christ? Abi di bread wey we dey break no be part of sharing di body of Christ?

17. Even though we plenty, we dey chop from one bread, to show sey we be one body.

18. Reason di pipo of Israel:Abi dipipo wey dey chop di sacrifice no dey participate for di altar?

19. Wetin I con mean? Abi idol na sometin? Abi sacrifice wey dem give to idol na sometin?

20. But na to bad-spirit nahin world-pipo dey give dia sacrifice, no be to Baba-God, and I no wan make una join bad-spirit.

21. Una no fit drink from di cup of Christ, con drink from bad- spirit sef; you no fit chop from di table of Christ, con still chop from di table of bad-spirit.

22. Abi we dey try to make Baba-God jealous? Abi we strong pass am?

Freedom Of Di Believers

23. “Everitin is allowed,” but no be everitin good. “Everitin dey allowed”—but no be everitin fit make pesin grow.

24. Make no-pesin do only wetin he go gain from, but wetin odas sef go gain from.

25. Chop anytin wey dem dey sell for meat market, no ask if e good or bad,

26. “Na Baba-God get di earth, plus everitin wey burku inside am.”

27. If some word-pipo invite you make you con chop food, and you wan go, chop anytin wey dem give you—no ask any question if e good or bad.

28. But if any-pesin tell you sey, “Dem don give dis one as sacrifice.” No chop am, becos you dey reason di man wey yarn you. Na Baba-God get di earth, plus everitin wey burku inside am.

29. You fit no-send for your mind, but becos of di oda man. But why my freedom go con dey affect wetin anoda pesin dey reason?

30. If I follow chop di food, afta I don tank Baba-God, why I go con condemn becos of food wey I tank Baba-God for?

31. So whether you chop or drink, or anytin wey you do, do all of dem for di glory of Baba-God.

32. No make any-pesin fall, whether Jews, or Greeks, or di church of Baba-God.

33. Me sef dey try to make everi-pesin happy in everi way. I no dey do tins for only myself, but for di good of plenty pipo, so dat dem go fit get salvation.


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