1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 11

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1. Follow my example, as I dey follow Christ example.

Good Manners For Worship

2. I hail una, becos una remember me for everitin, and una keep di teachings, just as I take pass dem to una.

3. Now I wan make una know sey di head of everi man na Christ, and di head of woman na man, and di head of Christ na Baba-God.

4. Any man wey dey pray or prophesy, wey hin head dey covered—no dey respect hin head.

5. And everi woman wey dey pray or prophesy—wey no cover her head, no dey respect her head—e just be like sey dem barb her head.

6. If woman no cover her hair, make she cut her hair; and if na disgrace make woman barb her hair or cut her hair, make she cover her head.

7. Man no suppose cover hin head, since nahin be di image and levels of Baba-God; but woman na di levels of man.

8. Man no come from woman, but woman come from man;

9. dem no make man for woman, but woman for man.

10. Becos of dis, and becos of di angels, woman suppose cover her head—to show sey she dey under authority.

11. For Baba-God mata—woman no free from man, and man no free from woman.

12. As woman take come from man, naso man take come from woman. But everitin come from Baba-God.

13. Make una judge unasef: E dey okay for woman to dey pray to Baba-God wen she no cover her hair?

14. Abi nature no teach una sey if man get long hair, na disgrace for am,

15. but if woman get long hair, na her levels be dat? She get long hair to cover her head.

16. But if any-pesin wan argue becos of dis mata, we no get any oda custom—and even di oda church of Baba-God.

Di Evening-Food Of Jesus

17. As I dey tell una so, I no fit cut-cap for una, becos una meeting dey cos wahala pass as e dey bring beta tin come.

18. First of all, I hear sey wen una gada togeda as church, separation dey among una, and I believe am reach one level.

19. No be lie, una suppose get wetin make una different from unasef—to show which one of una Baba-God don confam.

20. Wen una dey gada togeda, una no really dey chop di evening-food of Jesus.

21. Some of una dey rush to chop una own food, so one pesin go still dey hungry, and anoda pesin don high.

22. Una no get house wey una go chop and drink? Or una wan bring down Baba-God church, con make shame dey catch pipo wey no get anytin? Wetin I go yarn una? I go cut-cap for una for dis mata? Lai- lai!

23. I receive di tins wey I dey pass to una from Baba-God: Di night wey dem betray awa Oga Jesus, he take bread,

24. and wen he don give tanks to Baba-God, he cut di bread, con tok sey, “Take—chop, dis na my body wey I share give una; do dis tin to dey remember me.

25. Naso e do sef, afta evening-food, he carry di cup, con tok sey, “Dis cup na di new agreement inside my blood. Always do dis tin to dey remember me—any time una drink am.”

26. Any time una chop dis bread, con drink dis cup, una dey tok about di death of Jesus until he show.

27. So any-pesin wey chop dis bread, or drink di cup of Oga Jesus wit-out respect—dat pesin don commit sin against di body, and di blood of Jesus.

28. Man suppose reason hinsef before he chop di bread, and drink from di cup.

29. Any-pesin wey chop and drink wit-out respect for di body of Christ, dey drink and chop judgement for hinsef—as e no reason di body of Christ.

30. Na wetin make plenty of una no-strong, and una dey sick, and plenty of una don even kpeme.

31. But if we judge awasef, we no go face judgement.

32. So wen Baba-God judge us, he dey correct us—so dat we no go kpeme wit di world.

33. So, my brodas and sistas, wen una gada togeda wan chop, make all of una chop togeda.

34. If hungry dey catch any- pesin, make he chop for hin house, so dat wen una meet togeda—e no go turn to judgement. And wen I show, I go explain more to una.


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