1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 12

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Spiritual Gift

1. Now brodas, about spiritual gifts, I no wan make una be olodo.

2. Una know sey wen una bin dey among world-pipo, una waka miss-road go meet idols wey no fit tok.

3. So I dey tell una sey no- pesin wey dey tok wit Baba-God Spirit go tok sey, “Jesus dey cursed,” and no-pesin fit tok sey, “Jesus na Oga,” except wit di Holy Spirit.

4. Na different-different [spiritual] gifts dey, but na di same Holy spirit [dey give dem].

5. Different services nahin dey, but we dey serve di same God.

6. Baba-God dey work in different ways, but na di same God dey run tins for inside all men.

7. Now, everi single one of us get spiritual gift, so dat everi- pesin go fit gain sometin from each oda.

8. Di Spirit give one pesin message of wisdom, di same Spirit give anoda pesin di message of knowledge.

9. Di same Spirit give anoda pesin faith, di same Spirit give anoda pesin di gift of healing,

10. to anoda pesin—he give miracle pawa, he give anoda pesin di gift of prophecy, to anoda pesin— he give di gift to understand different spirits, to anoda pesin—he give gift of yarning different tongue, and to anoda pesin—he still give gift of interpretation of tongues.

11. All dis na di work of di same one Spirit, and he dey give everi-pesin talents as he like.

One Body, Many Parts

12. Di body na one. Even though e get different parts; and even though all e parts plenty, dem form one body—naso e be sef wit Christ.

13. Na one Spirit baptize all of us join one body—whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free pesin—and we don drink enta di one Spirit.

14. No be one part of di body nahin be di whole body, but many parts.

15. If leg tok sey, “Becos I no be hand, I no be part of di body,” dat one no mean sey e no true-true be part of di body?

16. And if ear tok sey, “Becos I no be eye, I no be part of di body,” dat one no mean sey e no true-true be part of di body?

17. If di whole body na one single eye, wetin pesin go con use hear word? Or if di whole body na ear? Wetin pesin go con use dey smell tins?

18. But Baba-God don arrange everi part of di body, he package all of dem just as he want dem to be.

19. If all your body na just one part, where di oda part go con dey?

20. As e be so, plenty parts dey, but na only one body.

21. Di eye no fit tell di hand sey, “I no need you!” And di head no fit tell di leg sey, “I no need you!”

22. Instead, those part of di body wey be like sey e no-strong nahin dey keep you alive,

23. those part of awa body wey dey make us shame—na dem we dey care for more, and na di coded part of awa body we dey take care of pass.

24. Di part wey pipo fit see no need any special treatment. But Baba-God don join all di members of di body and he don give more levels to di parts of di body wey no get levels,

25. so dat division no go dey for di body, but so dat all e parts go get di same concern for diasef.

26. If one part dey suffer, everi part sef go follow am suffer; if one part get honour, all di parts go jolly wit am.

27. Now, all of una togeda—be di body of Christ, and all of una na part of am.

28. And for inside church, Baba-God don first of all choose apostles, second na prophets, third na teachers, den pipo wey dey do miracles, plus those pipo wey get gift of healing, those wey fit epp odas, those pipo wey get gift of leadership, and those pipo wey dey speak in tongues.

29. Abi all of dem na apostles? Abi all of dem na prophets? Abi all of dem na teachers? Abi all of dem get pawa to do miracles?

30. All of dem get gift to heal pipo? Abi all of dem fit speak in tongues? Na all of dem fit interpret tongues?

31. But seriously want di best gift. But now I go show una di way wey beta pass


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