1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 13

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1. If I tok wit tongues of men and angels, but I no get love, I be like bell wey dey ring, or cymbal wey dey make noise.

2. If I get di gift of prophecy, I sabi understand deep- matas, and I know everi-everi, and if I get faith wey fit move mountains, but I no get love, I be notin.

3. If I give everitin wey I get to poor pipo, and I sacrifice my body, but I no get love, wetin I gain? Notin!

4. Love na patience, love dey kind. E no dey jealous, e no dey make-mouth, e no dey carry- shoulder.

5. E no dey behave anyhow, e no dey selfish, e no dey quick provoke, e no dey carry evil for mind.

6. Love no dey happy for evil mata, but e dey jolly wit truth.

7. Love dey bear everitin, e always dey trust everitin, e always dey hope, and endure everitin.

8. Prophecy, speaking in tongues, and knowledge fit fade, but love no go ever fail.

9. We only know small part, and we dey prophesy wit di small part.

10. But wen time reach for di perfect tins, wetin no dey perfect go disappear.

11. Wen I be small pikin, I tok like small pikin, I tink like small pikin, and I reason like small pikin. But wen I turn to man, I put small pikin tins for one corner.

12. Now we dey look dark mirror, but dat time we go see face to face. Now I know only small part; but dat time, I go know fully, even as Baba-God fully know me.

13. Na three tins go last forever: faith, hope plus love. But di one wey great pass na love.


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