1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 14

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Gift of Prophecy And Tongues

1. Follow di way of love, and make una wish for spiritual gifts, but I prefer sey you sabi prophesy.

2. Any-pesin wey speak in tongues—no dey follow men tok, but na Baba-God. True-true no- pesin fit overstand am; he dey tok deep-mata wit hin spirit.

3. But pesin wey prophesy, dey follow men tok—to make dem learn, to ginger dem, and to comfort dem.

4. Pesin wey dey speak in tongues—dey ginger hinsef, but pesin wey dey prophesy dey ginger di whole church.

5. I go like make all of una dey speak in tongues, but I go prefer sey una sabi prophesy. Pesin wey dey prophesy great pass pesin wey dey speak in tongues; unless he interpret am so dat di church go fit get moral.

6. Now, brodas, if I come meet you, con dey speak in tongues, how I take epp you, unless I con tell you sometin wey you no sabi, or let you know sometin, or prophesy to you, or teach you sometin?

7. Even tins wey no get life, like flute and musical instruments, i f dem make sound—how pesin go take know di melody wey dem dey play, unless dem play different keys?

8. If di trumpet no sound well, who go ready for fight.

9. Naso e be sef wit una. Unless you tok wetin pipo fit understand, how dem go know wetin you dey tok? You go just dey tok for air.

10. Plenty different languages dey for di world, but none of dem dey wey no get meaning.

11. If I no understand di meaning of wetin pesin dey tok, I be foreigner to di pesin wey dey tok, and he be foreigner to me sef.

12. Naso e be for una sef, since una serious to get spiritual gifts, make di gift wey you dey fyne epp di church grow.

13. So any-pesin wey dey speak in tongues must pray—so dat he go fit interpret wetin he dey tok.

14. If I pray wit tongues, na my spirit dey pray, but I no understand wetin I dey tok.

15. So wetin I go do? I go pray wit my spirit, but I go still party wit my understanding; I go sing wit my spirit, but I go still sing song wey I understand.

16. If you dey praise Baba-God wit your spirit, how those pipo wey no understand you—go con tok sey “Amen?” How dem go take join you give tanks, wen dem no understand wetin you dey tok?

17. You fit dey give tanks wella, but di oda man no go get moral.

18. I tank Baba-God sey I dey speak in tongues pass all of una. 19. But for inside church, I prefer to tok five words wit my understanding—so dat odas go fit learn, dan ten thousand words wit tongues.

20. My pipo, make una stop to dey reason like small small pikin wey no fit understand. Dey innocent like small pikin for evil mata, but reason like matured pesin for understanding.

21. Dem write am for di Holy-books sey, “Na men wit oda languages, and wit lips of strangers—I go follow dis pipo tok. But upon all dat, dem no go listen to me,” na wetin di Oga tok be dat.

22. So, tongues na sign for pipo wey no believe, no be for pipo wey believe; prophecy na sign for pipo wey believe, no be for pipo wey no believe.

23. So if di whole church gada togeda, and everi-pesin dey speak in tongues, and some pipo wey no understand, or unbeliever con enta—dem no go tok sey una don dey mescafon?

24. But if unbelievers, or pipo wey no understand con enta as everi-pesin dey prophesy, all of una go make am know sey he be sinner, and wetin una dey tok go judge am.

25. So di secret wey dey hin heart go open. And he go kneel down face ground—dey worship Baba-God, and he go tok sey—Baba-God true-true dey wit una!”

Beta Worship

26. Wetin we go yarn brodas? Wen una come togeda, everi-pesin get song, or teaching, or some pipo wan speak in tongues and some wan interpret, and some wan show us sometin. Una must do church. everitin so dat di church go grow.

27. Make e no pass two or three pipo wey go speak in tounges; make dem tok one afta di oda and make one pesin interpret wetin dem tok.

28. If interpreter no dey, make di pesin wey dey tok keep quiet for inside church, and make di pesin speak in tongues to hinsef, and Baba-God.

29. Make two or three pipo prophesy, and make di odas reason wetin dem dey tok.

30. And if Baba-God message con meet anoda pesin wey sidon, make di first pesin wey dey prophesy dey silent.

31. All of una fit prophesy turn by turn, so dat everi-pesin fit ginger and learn.

32. Di spirits of prophets dey under di control of di prophets.

33. Baba-God no be God of katakata, but na God of peace—inside all di churches of hin holy-pipo.

34. Make women keep quiet for inside church, make dem no tok, but dem must obey—as di law tok.

35. If dem wan ask about sometin, make dem ask dia own husband for house; e no make- sense make woman dey tok for

36. Abi una tink sey Baba-God word start wit una? Or na only una side e don reach?

37. If any-pesin tink sey he be prophet, or he dey spiritual, make he gree sey wetin I dey write to una—na Baba-God command.

38. But if any-pesin fashi dis tin, make dem bone am sef.

39. So, my brodas, make body scratch una to prophesy, and no forbid to speak in tongues.

40. But make una do everitin wit sense, and wit packaging.


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