1st Corinthians Chapter 16

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Di Offering For God-Pipo

1. Now about di collection of moni for God-pipo: Do wetin I tell di Galatian churches to do.

2. For di first day of everi week, make all of una keep sometin—as Baba-God take bless una, so dat wen I show, una no go need to do any collection.

3. So wen I come, I go send di men wey una don confam wit una letter—to carry una gift go Jerusalem.

4. If e make-sense for me to go sef, dem go follow me go.

Wetin I Want

5. I go come meet una—I go pass tru Macedonia [dey pass tru Macedonia].

6. I fit even stay wit una small, or even spend cold season wit una, so dat una fit epp me for my journey, any-where I dey go.

7. I no wan see una now, con stay wit una small; I wan spend some time wit una, by Baba-God grace.

8. But I go dey for Ephesus until Pentecost.

9. Big door for serious work don dey open for me, and many pipo dey biff me.

10. If Timothy come, make una make sure sey he no fear anytin as he dey work wit una. He dey do Baba-God work just like me.

11. Make no-pesin treat am anyhow. Make he leave una in peace, so dat he go come back come meet me. I dey expect am along wit di oda brodas.

12. Now about awa broda Apollos: I really wan make he come meet una wit di brodas. He no wan come now, but he go come visit una wen he get chance.

13. Make una dey watch; stand well-well inside di faith. Make una be men wey get-mind, and wey strong.

14. Do everitin wit love.

15. I dey beg una brodas, una know sey na Stephanas and hin family be di first pipo to follow Christ for Achaia, and dem dey faithful wit di service of God-pipo.

16. make una obey pipo like dis, plus everi-pesin wey dey serve and hustle wit us.

17. I dey happy sey Stephanas, Fortunatus, and Achaicus come here, becos dem dey provide di epp wey una no dey here to give me.

18. Dem ginger my spirit, just as dem ginger una. Show appreciation to dis kain pipo.

Las-las Greetings

19. Di churches wey dey around Asia—sey make I greet una. Aquila and Priscilla dey greet una from dia heart in Christ, plus di churches wey dey meet for dia house.

20. All di brodas wey dey for here dey throway salute. Make una greet unasef wit holy kiss.

21. Me, Paul, dey write di greetings wit my own hand.

22. If any-pesin no love Christ—dat kain pesin get curse for hin head. Come, Oh Christ!

23. Make di grace of Oga Jesus Christ dey wit una.

24. My love to all of una wey belong to Christ Jesus. Amen.


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