1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 2

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Pawa Of Baba-God

1. Brodas, wen I come meet una, I no come wit big-big gramma, or human wisdom—as I dey reason Baba-God word wit una.

2. Wen I dey wit una, I tell myself sey I no wan know anytin apart from Jesus Christ, and as dem take hang am for cross.

3. I come meet una wen my body no-strong, and wen my mind dey cut well-well.

4. My message and wetin I dey preach—no even get wise words wey suppose make una believe, but na wit di action of di Spirit, plus pawa;

5. so dat una faith no go dey based-on man reasoning, but based-on Baba-God pawa.

Wisdom From Di Spirit

6. So, we dey tok message of wisdom to mature mind, but no be di kain wisdom of dis world, or di rulers of dis world wey go soon turn to dust.

7. No, we dey yarn about di wisdom of di deep-matas of Baba-God. Wisdom wey dey coded, and wey Baba-God don keep down for us, so dat we go fit shine—even before he make di world;

8. wey no-pesin wey dey rule dis world know about. If to sey dem sabi am, dem for no hang di Oga of glory for cross.

9. As dem write sey: “No eye don see, no ear don hear, no mind don reason wetin Baba-God don package for those pipo wey love am.”

10. But Baba-God Spirit don show us all dis tins. Na di Spirit dey torch-light everitin—even di deep secret of Baba-God.

11. Who among men fit know wetin man dey reason, except na di man spirit wey dey inside am? Naso e be sef, no-pesin know wetin Baba-God dey reason, except di Spirit of Baba-God,

12. Now we no receive di spirit of dis world, but na di Spirit wey come from Baba-God, so dat we go fit understand wetin Baba-God don give us as awoof.

13. Wen we dey tell una dis tins, no be human wisdom we dey use tok am, but na words wey di Spirit teach us, we dey use spiritual yarnings take explain spiritual truth.

14. Man wey no dey spiritual, no go fit accept di truth wey come from Baba-God Spirit—e be like yeye tin for hin eyes, and he no fit know dem—becos he need spiritual understanding.

15. Spiritual man fit judge everitin, but no-pesin fit judge di spiritual man.

16. “Who don know Baba-God mind, sote he go con tell am wetin to do?” But we get di mind of Christ.


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