1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 3

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About Di Scata-scata For Inside Church

1. Brodas, I no fit reason wit una as spiritual pipo, but as world-pipo, as small pikin for Christ mata.

2. I bin give una milk, no be strong food. Una neva ready. Even now, una neva still ready.

3. Una still dey reason world mata. As una still dey jealous unasef, and dey kwanta unasef, abi una no be world pipo? Abi una no dey behave like ordinary men?

4. If one pesin tok sey, “I dey follow Paul,” and anoda pesin tok sey, “I dey follow Apollos,” no be ordinary men una con dey behave like?


5. Who be Apollos sef? And who be Paul? Dem just be servants wey make una believe, just as Baba-God take give everi- pesin hin job.

6. I plant seed, and Apollos water am, but Baba-God nahin make am grow.

7. So pesin wey plant, and pesin wey water am—no be anytin, but only Baba-God wey dey make tins grow—nahin be everitin.

8. Di man wey plant, and di man wey water am—na one, and dem go get dia blessings based-on dia hustle.

9. All of us dey work togeda for Baba-God; and una be Baba-God farm. Una be Baba-God building.

10. Wit di grace wey Baba-God don give me, I don build foundation as I be professional builder, and anoda pesin dey build house on top. But make everi- pesin dey careful di way he dey build.

11. No-pesin fit lay any foundation apart from di one wey don already dey—wey be Jesus Christ.

12. Any man fit use—gold, silver, stone wey cost well-well, wood, grass or block—take build on top of dis foundation,

13. di day go show as everi- pesin work be, becos na faya go show am. Na faya go test everi- pesin work—which kain work e true-true be.

14. If wetin he build survive, he go receive blessings.

15. If wetin he build burn, he go suffer di loss; hinsef go get salvation, but like pesin wey pass tru faya.

16. Abi you no know sey you be Baba-God church, and Baba-God Spirit dey stay for inside you?

17. If any-pesin scata Baba-God church, Baba-God go scata am; Baba-God church dey holy, and na you be dat church.

18. Make una no whyne unasef, if any one of una tink sey he get-sense based-on di level of dis world, make he behave like “mumu” so dat he go fit learn.

19. Di wisdom of dis world be like mumu tin for Baba-God eyes. As dem write am sey: “Baba-God dey catch wise pipo wey tink sey dem smart”;

20. And again, “Baba-God know sey wise man dey waste hin time dey reason.”

21. So make una no dey make-mouth about men! Everitin belong to una,

22. whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas or di world, or life, or death, or tins wey dey now, or tins wey go come—na una get all of dem,

23. you belong to Christ, and Christ belong to Baba-God.


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