1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 4

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Apostle Of Christ

1. So, make una reason us as servants of Christ, and as those pipo wey Baba-God put in charge of hin deep-matas.

2. Those pipo wey dem put in charge of sometin—suppose confam sey dem dey faithful.

3. I no dey reason am if una judge me, or if any man judge me; yes, I no dey even judge myself.

4. My mind dey clean, but dat one no mean sey I dey innocent. Na only Baba-God fit judge me.

5. So make una no judge anytin until time reach; wait until di Oga go land. He go shine light put for everitin wey dem don hide for inside darkness, and he go make pipo see wetin men dey reason for dia heart. Dat time, everi-pesin go receive dia praise from Baba-God.

6. Now, my pipo, becos of una, I don use me and Apollos—to explain wetin I dey tok, so dat una go fit gain sometin, so dat una go fit learn from us, not to dey reason men—pass wetin dem don write. And una no go dey use one man dey make-mouth against anoda man.

7. Abi wetin make you tink sey you different from everi oda pesin? Wetin you get wey no be Baba-God give you? And if you receive am from Baba-God, why you con dey make-mouth like sey no be gift?

8. Now una don belleful, una don already be bigman, and una don dey reign as king wit-out us: and I wish sey una dey reign for Baba-God kingdom, so dat we go fit reign wit una.

9. I dey reason sey Baba-God don display us—wey be apostles, as show las-las, like men wey dem sentence to death. We be like show for di whole world, for angels and for men.

10. We be like mumu becos of Christ—but una wise inside Christ! We no-strong—but una strong! Una get levels—but we no get levels!

11. Up till now, hungry dey catch us, and we wan drink water, we dey naked, pipo dey treat us anyhow, and we no get house.

12. We dey hustle—we dey work wit awa hands. Wen dem curse us, we bless dem; wen dem show us pepper, we endure am.

13. Wen dem bad-mouth us, we ansa dem jeje. Up till now, na we be di yama-yama of di earth, di dirty of di world.

14. I no dey write all dis tins becos I wan make shame catch una, but to warn una like pikin wey I love.

15. Even though una get ten thousand pipo wey dey teach una about Christ, una no get plenty papa. I be una fada for inside Christ Jesus—tru di good news.

16. So I dey beg una make una follow my example.

17. Nahin make me send Timothy come meet una—my son wey I love, wey dey faithful for Baba-God mata. He go remind una di way I dey follow Christ Jesus, just as I dey teach, for everi- where—for everi church.

18. Some of una don dey feel big, as if I no go come meet una again.

19. But by Baba-God grace, I no go tey come meet una, na den I go know di pawa wey di pipo wey dey make-mouth get.

20. But Baba-God kingdom no be to make-mouth, but na pawa.

21. Wetin una prefer? Make I handle una wit koboko, or wit love and jeje spirit?


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