Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

1st Corinthians Chapter 5

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Pursue Di Corrupt Broda Komot!

1. Dem don tell me sey una dey sex anyhow, di kain tin wey even world-pipo sef no dey do: Pesin climb hin papa wife.

2. And una dey make- mouth! Abi una no suppose feel bad—con pursue dat pesin wey do dat kain tin—komot from where una dey?

3. Even if I no dey wit una face to face, my spirit dey wit una. And I don already judge di pesin wey do dat kain tin, as if I dey there. 4. Wen una go gada togeda in di name of awa Oga Jesus, and my spirit dey wit una—wit di pawa of awa Oga Jesus Christ,

5. make una carry dis man give Satan, to kill hin flesh, so dat hin spirit go save on di day of awa Oga Jesus.

6. E no good as una dey make-mouth, una no know sey na small yeast dem dey use mix for plenty bread?

7. Komot di old yeast, so dat una go be like fresh bread wey no get yeast—as una really be. Dem sacrifice Christ for us, wey be awa Passover Lamb.

8. So make we celebrate di Festival, no be wit di old yeast, or di yeast of badbelle plus wickedness, but wit di bread wey no get yeast, di bread of open heart, plus truth. 9. I bin write una letter sey make una no join pipo wey dey sex anyhow.

10. But I no bin dey tok about world-pipo—wey dey sex-anyhow, or longatrot and 419, or pipo wey dey worship image wey man make. E beta make you komot from dis world to avoid pipo like dat.

11. But now I don write to una, make una no follow any-pesin wey call hinsef una broda, but wey dey sex anyhow, or wey get ogboju, or wey dey worship idol, or dey bad-mouth pipo, pipo wey be shayo-master or 419. No even follow dat kain man chop.

12. Wetin be my business to judge those pipo wey dey outside di church? Una no suppose judge those pipo wey dey inside?

13. Na Baba-God go judge those pipo wey dey outside. But as di Holy-books sey, “Pursue di wicked man komot from una side.”


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