1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 6

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Case Among God-pipo

1. If anyone of una dey quarrel wit anoda pesin, abi he go con carry di mata go meet world-pipo to judge, instead make he go meet God-pipo?

2. Abi una no know sey God-pipo nahin go judge di world? And if na una go judge di world, una no con reach to judge small mata among unasef?

3. Una no know sey na we go judge angels? Tokless of di simple tins of dis life!

4. So, if una get small kwanta about small mata, make una choose simple pipo for church to judge di mata.

5. I dey tok like dis so dat shame go catch una, abi no-pesin dey wey get-sense reach among una—to judge mata among God-pipo?

6. But instead, one broda go carry mata go court against anoda broda—and world-pipo dey see as una dey behave!

7. As una dey true-true carry unasef go court so—e mean sey sometin dey worry una. Why you no beta accept sey dem do you ojoro? Why you no kuku accept sey you don be maga?

8. Instead, na una dey do wrong tin, and even dey scam una own brodas.

9. Abi una no know sey Baba-God kingdom no belong to evil pipo? No dey deceive yoursef: Even pipo wey dey sex anyhow, or pipo wey dey worship idol, or pipo wey dey climb oda pipo husband or wife, or brostitute, or homosexuals,

10. or tiff, or longatrot, or shayo-master or bad-mouth, or 419—no go inherit Baba-God kingdom.

11. And na wetin some of una be before-before, but Baba-God wash una, con make una holy, and he confam una as holy pipo—wit di name of Oga Jesus, and by di Spirit of awa God.


12. “I fit do everitin wey I want,” but no be everitin good for me. “I fit do everitin”—but I no go let anytin master me.

13. “Food na for belle and belle na fo food”—but Baba-God go scata di two of dem. Awa body no be for anyhow-sex, but di body na for Christ, and Christ na for di body.

14. And Baba-God go raise us up sef—by hin pawa, just as he raise Oga Jesus up.

15. Abi you no know sey your body na part of Christ hinsef? Abi pesin go con carry Christ body go join wit ashawo? Tufiakwa!

16. Abi you no know sey if pesin sleep wit ashawo, he don join body wit her as one? Dem tok sey, “Di two go turn to one body.”

17. But pesin wey gum- body wit Christ, don turn to one wit Christ for spirit.

18. Komot hand from anyhow-sex. Everi oda sin wey man commit na outside hin body, but pesin wey sex anyhow, don commit sin against hin own body.

19. Abi you no know sey your body na di worship-place of Holy Spirit—wey dey live inside you, wey you don receive from Baba-God, and you no belong to yoursef?

20. Baba-God don buy you wit high price. So make you use your body and spirit take honour Baba-God—becos your body belong to Baba-God.


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