1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 7

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1. Now about di mata wey una write to me: E dey good make man no marry.

2. But to avoid anyhow- sex, make everi man get hin own wife, and make everi woman get her own husband.

3. Di husband suppose dey do hin work for di marriage, and di wife sef suppose dey do her work for di marriage.

4. No be only di wife get her body, but her husband sef get her body, naso e be sef—no be only di man get hin body, but di woman dey follow am share hin body.

5. Make una no fashi each oda, except una don agree to do like dat for some time, so dat una go fit put-mind for prayer and fasting. Den, una go meet each oda again, so dat Satan no go tempt una becos una no fit control una konji.

6. I dey suggest to una, I no dey command una.

7. I wish sey all men fit be single like me. But everi man get hin own gift from Baba-God; one man get dis gift, and anoda man get dat gift.

8. Now for pipo wey neva marry and di widows—I sey: E good make dem no marry—just as I be.

9. But if dem no fit control dia konji, make dem go marry, e beta make you marry dan make konji dey catch you.

10. For pipo wey don marry, I give una dis command [no be me but na Baba-God]: Wife must not komot from her husband.

11. But if she do like dat, make she no marry again, or make she go settle wit her husband. And husband must not pursue hin wife komot.

12. I wan tell di rest of una dis (dis one na my own reasoning): If any broda get wife wey no believe in Christ, and she dey ready to stay wit am, make he no pursue her komot.

13. And if woman get husband wey no believe in Christ and he wan stay wit her, make she no komot from am.

14. Wife wey be believer—go make her husband holy, and husband wey be believer—go make hin wife holy; unless una pikin no go holy, but as e be so, dem dey holy.

15. But if di husband or wife wey no believe in Christ wan go, make dem dey go. Man or woman wey believe in Christ no dey under any law for dat kain mata; Baba-God don call us make we live in peace.

16. Woman, how you take know if you fit save your husband? Or husband, how you take know if you fit save your wife?

17. Make everi-pesin maintain hin place wey Baba-God don give am for life, and wey Baba-God don call am put. Na di law wey I put for ground for all di churches.

18. Abi man don already circumcise wen Baba-God call am? He no suppose uncircumcise hinsef . Abi pesin deyneva circumcise wen Baba-God call am? Make he no circumcise hinsef.

19. Circumcision na notin and uncircumcision na notin. To do wetin Baba-God tok nahin be di koko.

20. Make everi-pesin dey as e dey, wen Baba-God call am.

21. You be slave wen Baba-God call you? No let am disturb you—but if you fit get your freedom, do am.

22. Pesin wey be slave wen Baba-God call am, na free pesin for Baba-God; naso e be sef for pesin wey be free man wen Baba-God call am—now, na slave for Christ.

23. Baba-God buy you wit high price; no go be slave for men again.

24. Brodas, make everi man maintain as he dey wen Baba-God call am.

25. Now about virgins: I no get any message from Baba-God, but I go give my own advice as pesin wey una fit trust based-on Baba-God mercy.

26. Becos of di wahala wey dey now, I dey reason sey e beta make you dey as you dey.

27. If you don marry, no try to divorce. If you neva marry, no fyne wife.

28. But e no bad if you marry; and if virgin marry, she neva do anytin bad. But those pipo wey marry now, go face many palava for life. And I no wan make you face am.

29. Brodas, wetin I mean be sey, time no dey. From now on, those pipo wey get wives—make dem live as if dem no get any wife;

30. those wey dey cry—as if dem no dey cry; those wey dey happy—as if dem no dey happy; those wey dey buy sometin—as if no be dem get am;

31. those pipo wey dey use di tins of di world—make dis tins no master dem, becos dis world dey fade dey go.

32. I go like make you free from everitin. Man wey neva marry fit spend hin time dey reason Baba-God mata—how he fit make body sweet Baba-God,

33. but man wey don marry dey reason world mata—how he wan make hin wife happy.

34. Difference dey between married woman and virgin. Woman wey neva marry dey reason Baba-God mata—how she go take make her body and spirit dey holy, but married woman dey reason world mata—how she fit make her husband happy.

35. I dey tok dis tin for una own good, no be to hold una down, but so dat una go live in di right way, and put mind for Baba-God mata fully.

36. If any man tink sey he no dey treat hin virgin well, if she don dey pass di age of marriage, and he feel sey he suppose marry her; make he do wetin he wish, make dem marry—he neva commit sin.

37. But man wey don decide for hin heart, wey notin dey force am, but he know wetin he want, and wey don make up hin mind sey he go keep hin virgin—dis man sef dey do di right tin.

38. So pesin wey marry di virgin don do di right tin, but pesin wey no marry her—don do wetin even beta pass.

39. Woman suppose dey wit her husband as long as di man dey alive. But if her husband kpeme, she dey free to marry any-pesin wey she want, but he must belong to Christ.

40. For my own reasoning, e go dey beta for her to be single—and I feel sey Baba-God dey speak tru me.


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