1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 8

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Food Wey Dem Sacrifice To Idols

1. Now about food wey dem sacrifice to idols: We know sey all of us know sometin. Knowledge dey make pesin feel big, but love dey make pesin grow.

2. Pesin wey tink sey he know sometin, still be olodo wey neva know reach wetin he suppose know.

3. But Baba-God know di pipo wey love am.

4. So, about make pesin dey chop food wey dem sacrifice to idols: We know sey idol no mean anytin at all for di world, and na only one God dey.

5. Many small small gods dey for heaven or for earth, and plenty gods and plenty oga dey.

6. But for us, na only one God dey—di Fada wey everitin come from, and we dey live inside am, and na only one Oga dey—Jesus Christ, wey everitin from come, and na tru am we dey live.

7. But no be everi-pesin know dis tins. Some pipo wey dey reason idols for mind, sote wen dem dey chop dat kain food, dem dey reason am sey dem don sacrifice am to idol, and dia conscience wey no-strong—go spoil.

8. But no be food go make us no holy for Baba-God eyes; we no beta pass—if we no chop, and we no bad pass sef—if we chop.

9. But dey careful, so dat as you dey show your freedom, e no go con be stone for di way of pipo wey no get strong—to make dem fall.

10. If any-pesin wey no get strong conscience see you wey know dis tin, dey chop for di worship-place of idol, shebi e go con get-mind chop wetin dem don sacrifice to idol?

11. Abi becos of wetin you know nahin dis broda wey no- strong, wey Christ die for, go con kpeme?

12. Wen you sin against your brodas by giving dem moral to do wetin dem feel sey na wrong tin, you dey sin against Christ.

13. So if meat wey I dey chop, dey make my broda fall for sin, I no go ever chop meat again so dat I no go make my broda fall for sin.


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