1st Chorinthians

1st Corinthians Chapter 9

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Di Rights of Apostle

1. Abi I no dey free? Abi I no be apostle? Abi I neva see Jesus awa Oga? No be una be di result of my hustle for Baba-God?

2. Even if I no be apostle to odas, but I surely be apostle to una! Na una confam me as apostle inside Christ.

3. Dis na my ansa to those pipo wey dey reason me.

4. Abi we no get right to chop and drink?

5. Abi we no get right to marry one sista, or wife—as di oda apostles dey do; and di Oga brodas, plus Cephas?

6. Abi na only me and Barnabas no get di right to stop to dey work?

7. Who dey go fight war wey he no go gain from? Who dey plant grape-farm wey no go chop from di grapes? Who dey train sheep or goats, wey no go drink from e milk?

8. Abi I just dey yarn all dis tins from my human mind? Abi di law tok di same tin sef?

9. Dem write am for di law of Moses sey: “No cover horse mouth make e no chop as e dey work for di wheat harvest.” Abi na about animal Baba-God dey reason?

10. Abi no be we he dey follow tok? Yes, dem write dis tins for us, pesin wey dey dig ground to plant wit hope, and di pesin gada di komot di seeds from di corn or wheat—dem dey hustle wit hope sey dem go share inside di harvest.

11. If we don plant spiritual seeds among una, e dey too much if we harvest fisikal tins from una?

12. If una dey support odas wey preach to una, abi we no suppose dey enjoy beta tin from una? But we neva use dis pawa. Instead,we dey accept anytin—instead of us to block di good news of Christ.

13. Abi una no know sey those pipo wey dey work for di worship-place—dey get dia food from di offering wey pipo carry come di worship-place? And those pipo wey dey work for di altar—dey share from wetin pipo give for di altar?

14. Naso e be sef, Baba-God don command sey—those pipo wey dey preach Baba-God word must chop from Baba-God word.

15. But I neva use any of dis rights, and I no dey write dis tins becos I dey hope sey una go do dat kain tin for me. E beta make I kpeme—dan make man fall my levels.

16. But even as I dey preach Baba-God word, I no fit make- mouth about am. Baba-God force me to preach. Kasala for me—if I no preach Baba-God word!

17. If I preach from my mind, I go get blessings; but if no be from my mind, I just dey do di work wey Baba-God put for my hand.

18. Wetin con be my gain? Just dis one: sey as I dey preach free of charge, and nahin make me no use any of my right as apostle-as I dey preach di good news.

19. Even though I dey free, and I no be any man slave, I don turn myself to slave for everi- pesin, so dat I go fit save many pipo for Christ.

20. To Jews, I live like Jew to fit save di Jews. To those pipo wey dey under di law—I turn to pesin wey dey under di law [even though I no dey under di law], so dat I go fit save those pipo wey dey under di law.

21. For those pipo wey no dey under di law—I turn to pesin wey no dey under di law (even though I no dey free from Baba-God law, but I dey under Christ law), so dat I go fit win those pipo wey no dey under di law.

22. For pipo wey no- strong—I turn to pesin wey no- strong, to fit win pipo wey no-strong. I don turn to all tins to all men—so dat I fit save some pipo anyhow.

23. I do all dis tins becos I wan spread di good news, so dat we go fit share inside di blessings.

24. Abi una no know sey for race, plenty pipo dey run, but na only one pesin go win di prize? Run well-well so dat you go fit win di prize.

25. Everi-pesin wey dey hustle for prize dey control hinsef in everi way. Dem dey do am to get crown wey go spoil; but we dey do am to get everlasting crown.

26. So I no dey run like man wey dey run go anywhere belle face; I no dey fight like man wey dey follow breeze fight.

27. I go control my body, con make am obey me, so dat by any means—afta I don preach to oda pipo, I no go fall komot.


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