1st Thessalonians

1st Thessalonians Chapter 4

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To Live Make Baba-God Body Sweet Am

1. Las-las, my brodas, we dey beg una, and we dey ginger una inside Oga Jesus, just as we don teach una before, how una suppose live di kain life wey go make body sweet Baba-God—to do dis more-more.

2. Una know di commandments wey we give una—tru Oga Jesus. 3. Na di wish of Baba-God make una dey holy: komot hand from anyhow-sex,

4. make all of una sabi hold body—in a holy way, and wit respect— 5. no be as una eyes dey shuuk wit konji like world-pipo [Gentiles] wey no sabi Baba-God;

6. Make no-pesin turn hin broda to maga, or do hin broda ojoro for any mata, becos Baba-God go punish men for all dat kain sins, as we don already warn una before, and yarn una.

7. Baba-God don call us make we live holy life, no be life wey no pure.

8. So , any-pesin wey fashi dis teaching—no dey fashi man, but na Baba-God he dey fashi—wey don give us hin Holy Spirit.

9. Now, about showing love like brodas, you no need any pesin to dey write to una, Baba-God don teach una to love each oda.

10. And true-true, una already dey show una love to all di brodas wey dey Macedonia. But brodas, we still dey beg una, make una do am more-more,

11. and plan to live quiet life, to mind your own business, and to hustle wit your own hand, just as we tell una before.

12. So dat una go behave well to outside pipo, and so dat una no go need anytin. As Christ Go Take Come

13. My pipo, we wan make una know about wetin go happun to God-pipo wey don sleep, so dat una no go feel sad like oda pipo wey no get hope.

14. If we believe sey Jesus die, con raise up again, naso Baba-God go take bring Jesus wit di pipo wey don sleep inside Christ.

15. Based-on wetin Jesus don tok, those pipo wey don sleep no go carry las among di pipo wey still dey alive until awa Oga come.

16. Di Oga hinsef go come down from heaven wit loud voice, wit di voice of di chief-angel, and wit di sound of Baba-God trumpet, and those pipo wey die inside Christ—go raise up first.

17. Den we wey dey alive, and wey still dey—go meet dem togeda for cloud, to meet di Oga for air. Naso we go always dey wit awa Oga.

18. So make una ginger unasef wit dis words.


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